Best Houseplants For Beginners

Jun 26, 2023

The topic we have chosen for today's news is one that will make it easier for many "beginner" gardeners. It is associated with beautiful and at the same time easy to grow flowers. If you find it difficult to grow even grass chim, then the following lines are just for you!

Through the plants in the home, we not only beautify the space, but also help purify and freshen the air in the premises. We're going to show you 10 of the easiest flowers to grow, and according to some gardeners, they're even impossible to kill!

Houseplants For Beginners Image

Houseplants For Beginners Image

Gardening for Beginners - A Quick Guide

Everyone fantasizes of having a lovely, lush, green garden. But then you have to deal with reality, and your dream is destroyed by a lack of time and money. It also transpires that your hands do not possess any enchanted gardening skills.

Here are some good tips for newbies and budding gardeners to help you get going:

  • In the first season, it would be wise to start out cautiously if you are a new owner of a home or apartment with a garden or plants. Perhaps hidden beneath the black soil are the previous owners' landscaping aspirations. Several perennial plants will bloom both this year and the following year. 
  • What kind of climate do you have where you live? A given country may have a wide range of hardiness zones. A smart way to start is by asking your neighborhood nursery or garden center for suggestions. They are fully knowledgeable about the plant, climate, and soil. Purchasing plants at random without first inspecting them might be pricey.
  • You should be careful about three criterias - height, time and color. When planting a flower bed, there are just three straightforward factors to think about: height, timing, and color. To extend the season, be sure to select plant types with overlapping bloom times. Mix complementary hues. Be careful and avert towering plants from obscuring shorter ones.
  • No matter what anybody says, quality is always rewarding in the end! Understandably, supermarkets carry inexpensive tools and low-cost flowers. Yet oligotrophic, poor soils do not support the growth of plants. Tools ought to endure longer than a single season. Acquire good tools and supplies! Purchases that are more expensive but less frequent will last much longer.

How to Pick Your First Plants

If you have decided to enhance your home with indoor plants, but you have no experience, then you should start with something easy. You go to the nearest flower shop, but what to choose and what do you see there?

When buying a flower, be careful: a healthy plant has strong leaves without damage, they are evenly distributed along the stem. The lump of soil does not remain on the walls of the pot and there is no green plaque on the soil surface. Do not buy flowers if there are no buds left on them.

Most potted flowers are sold in a small amount of light soil and a small seedling pot. This means that after purchase, the flower must be transplanted into a suitable soil and pot. So you will need to buy soil and a suitable pot from the flower shop by asking the seller which soil and pot is suitable for your flower.

If you bought a flowering plant, then direct sunlight will not damage it. All others during the adaptation period are best kept in a room with diffused light. Do not overwater the new plant. Your main task is to provide him with heat (air temperature not lower than 70 °F) and protect him from drafts.

What 10 Plant Are Great For Beginners

  1. Spathiphyllum - Spathiphyllum is a plant that does not require a lot of light, which is a big plus. It is one of the most popular flowers, found in many homes and looks elegant and beautiful. According to NASA, this plant is the most effective "weapon" for air purification. The most important thing to know about Spathiphyllum is that it is native to southern Mexico, which means it likes a lot of water and you need to water it often.
  2. Sansevieria Javanica - the origin of this flower is India, Madagascar, Africa or Indonesia. It is one of the smallest indoor plants, and its grafting is extremely easy. It also doesn't claim to be exposed to a lot of light, and its leaves are thick enough to hold water, so in case you forget to water it, it has somewhere to get it.
  3. Chlorophytum comosum - the third plant on our list is also not a big fan of sunlight. Or rather, he does not burn with desire for them. A great flower that, with its variegated leaves, will attract attention in the room where it is placed. This plant is both delicate and impossible to kill.
  4. Epipremnum aureum – This is a large hanging plant that is an excellent choice for indoor spaces. When you look at it, you immediately imagine a jungle. An extremely easy to grow plant that is also one of the most versatile. 
  5. Tradescantia pallida – Most of the plants you will come across in this article are shade lovers. However, this flower can be grown both in the shade and in the sun. Interestingly, when you keep it in the shade, its leaves remain green. If exposed to the sun, everything green turns purple.
  6. Maranta leuconeura – With this flower in your home, you'll feel like you've brought a little piece of the Brazilian rainforest into your home. It is said to be magical because at night its leaves fold into the shape of praying hands and unfold again during the day.
  7. Bromeliads – This flower is from the pineapple family. Its flowers last for weeks or even months with proper cultivation, and the desire for water is not great at all. One of the few conditions for your Bromeliad to do well is to remove its color when it starts to fade. In this way, the plant will put its energy into creating new flowers.
  8. Monstera deliciosa – A beautiful plant that transforms a room instantly. Studies have shown that it is extremely easy to look at and at the same time beneficial for indoor air.
  9. Anthurium - It is difficult to determine whether this plant is completely surrounded by leaves or flowers. Most flowers of this species are bright red in color and look incredibly beautiful. One of the most beautiful combinations is pink and white.
  10. Tradescantia zebrina - This flower is "native" of Central America. It is often used mainly for air purification, but it is also extremely beautiful because of the silver-metallic stripes on its leaves, which are accompanied by dark purple ones. This plant likes to be in the sun early in the day to catch the soft light.

Now that you were introduced to the beginning steps of being a good gardener and caretaker for plants, go and pick your plants. And also, make sure to check our collection of plants and get your new journey started!

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