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4 Plants That Are Perfect For Combination With Roses In The Garden
As it is well known from the child’s book "The Little Prince", roses are very capricious flowers that claim everything that happens around them. However, for home gardening, roses are one of the most desired flowers not only because of their remarkable beauty, but also because of the many advantages of the growing process that remain invisible to the untrained eye. In this article we will not deal with the technology of cultivation, but we will point out four plants that are ideal companions for roses in the garden. 

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10 Interesting Facts About Tulips
Tulips are among the most popular spring flowers that adorn both gardens and the home. While enjoying the wonderful saturated colors in which tulips color our day, we decided to look for and share with you a little more interesting facts about this charming flower. See what they are.

Lavender Plants Field During Sunset
Lavender Plant - Care and Medical Properties
Lavender has been known as an aromatic plant since ancient times. Aromatic and unpretentious, lavender is a beautiful flower and herb with recognized qualities. If you have decided to grow this plant in your garden, we have prepared а number of useful tips. Following them guarantees you the presence of a fragrant aroma and beautifully decorated garden in a Mediterranean style. 

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Care of Irises - Professional Tips and Advice

One would not argue that the iris is one of the most beautiful representatives of the floral world. With their tall, graceful stems and full of charm and color blooms, irises can captivate everyone’s heart. Professional advice on how to grow healthy and stunning irises in your home and garden, how to transplant, water and fertilize them, will surely be useful to you. 

How to Take Care of a Phalaenopsis Orchid?
Phalaenopsis, which originates from Southeast Asia, the Philippines and Northeast Australia, is the most common genus of orchid to grow at home, and if you follow a few simple rules, these plants can delight you with more than one active flowering per year.

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Freesia Planting and Caring - A Few Tips For Beginners
The freesias’ blooms captivates not only with their irresistible charm, but also with magical aroma. Homeland of these amazing flowers is South Africa, and today they are especially popular in the Netherlands and France. They symbolize trust, faith and openness. Although they are spring flowers, thanks to the work of growers, we can enjoy them almost all year round. With a little advice, even inexperienced gardeners can grow magnificent freesias. 
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Planting Spring Flowers - The Absolute Must-Haves in The Garden
Spring is this season of the year in which it is time to renew the beautiful gardens - our favorite places for rest and pleasant moments with family and friends. It is time to take care of the most important thing that ensures the good appearance of the garden - cleanliness and of course, flowers. And after "thawing" and cleaning the open space, it's time to plant blooming spring flowers, which will provide beautiful landscapes and fresh aromas. Here is a brief list of  the must-have garden flowers that will bring color and scent around your home this spring.  
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Men Only: 5 Romantic Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day
The most romantic day of the year - Valentine’s Day is here. And since ladies usually know how to make their loved ones happy, they do not need additional advice. In this article we will give the gentlemen some ideas for romantic gifts to surprise the lady of their heart this February 14. 
Rose Bush
7 Of The Most Common Rose Gardening Mistakes
The garden in your home is not only a place for relaxation, but also a colorful fragrant sea of flowers, among which the rose occupies the most royal place that rightfully belongs to it. Rose bushes with their indescribable beauty are a pride for every owner. But these adorable creatures do not always bloom well. On the contrary, sometimes they get sick and even wither. Many ask themselves what the reasons are. So, here are some of the most common mistakes that people make when growing roses. 

Money Tree in a Glass
How To Take Care For a Money Tree - Tips and Advice
In South America it is grown for nuts, in Asia it is considered lucky, in Europe and the United States it is used as an ornamental houseplant because of its original vision. Learn why pachira is called the money tree and how you can successfully grow it at home. 
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