Christmas Decoration Ideas

Nov 28, 2022

Every year at the beginning of December, we proudly put up the traditional Christmas tree and decorate it with favorite toys, twinkling lights and colorful garlands. And yet, to make it feel even more festive, we always try to put Christmas decorations in other places as well. So, in case you want to decorate your home in a more natural and unconventional way, this blog is exactly for you!

Christmas Decoration Ideas Image

Christmas Decoration Ideas Image

Christmas decorations for doors, cabinets, etc.

December. Winter. You see your every breath. It's the day before Christmas Eve. Everything around is frantically preparing for the upcoming holidays. The scent of cinnamon wafts everywhere and you hum Christmas carols as you walk down the street. We will help you to create a magical atmosphere in your house with simple Christmas decoration ideas. Want a non-standard Christmas decoration for your home?  We got you!

Homemade decorations

You can spend some time with your family while making pretty decorations for the season. You can easily have fun activities with your children while bringing the festive mood in the house.

Natural branches instead of garlands

Cedar branches are extremely suitable for making garlands. They are flexible, the needles are short and clustered in bundles with a short stalk. This makes them suitable for combination with other conifers such as fir. In places, add dried citrus, cinnamon sticks and pine cones. Hang on the mirrors at home, place them on the cabinet under the TV and the dining table, and arrange glass candlesticks or other Christmas figures around them.

Keeping the coniferous twigs fresh

Once you have got the branches for the natural Christmas decoration, you need to prepare them to give them a longer life, as well as allow the needles of the conifers to stay without dripping for at least a month. This year I chose a combination of eucalyptus, fir and cedar.

  • In a deep container, mix glycerin with water in a ratio of 1:2. The amount depends on the number of branches and the size of the vessel. The branches must be immersed in at least 2 inches of solution.
  • Trim branches up to 25 inches long.
  • Place the cut branches in the container and leave for 1-3 days. The pins acquire a shiny finish when they have absorbed enough of the solution.
  • For extra protection, before using for decoration, you can spray with a gloss floral spray.

Make DIY Christmas Wreath at Home

You can make an interesting Christmas wreath if you use an old hanger, garlands or branches from a Christmas tree and colorful balls. Look at the picture and try it - it's easy, and the effect is inimitable.

Flower Bouquet With Fresh Flowers

Yes, we mentioned using fresh branches of evergreens as a decoration, but there are also other ways to decorate your home more organically. Create a warm and festive atmosphere in your house with beautiful arrangements of Christmas flowers

Blackboard With a Message

Got a blackboard? Write something related to Christmas and decorate with snowflakes. Place the board in a prominent place, and around it you can arrange a beautiful festive corner. Make sure that all family members will be able to see the sweet words you have written.

Sweets and Biscuits as a Decoration

For the last few years, I have been turning some of my favorite recipes for Christmas cookies into a decoration that we eat sweetly or give to our loved ones at the traditional Christmas lunch at home. Bake cookies and assemble them in the form of a Christmas house, tree or Christmas tree toy.

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