How to Care for Hydrangeas?

May 09, 2022

Hydrangea is a beautiful flower and everyone would be happy to have it in their yard. But it is also capricious and requires special treatment. Here are 10 tips on how to care for this magnificent perennial flower.

Hydrangeas Garden Image

Hydrangeas Garden Image

Types and varieties of hydrangea

More than seventy species of hydrangeas are known. Its growth and full development depends on the climate. If you choose the wrong variety, you can't expect your hydrangea to bloom in full bloom. That is, you must first choose the type that is suitable for your climate.

Basic requirements and knowledge of the flower

Location: Hydrangea grows best in a shady or semi-shady place. In order to expand its inflorescences in all their splendor, the hydrangea needs more free space.

Light: This flower does not like direct sunlight. Tolerates strong sun to partial shade. If the plant is cooler in the summer, its flowers will last longer.

Fertilization: After July, during flowering, it is recommended to fertilize the flower regularly.

Pests, diseases: Chlorosis due to hard water. Aphids, mites.

Wintering: In light or dark at 39 - 46 °F. Hydrangea sheds its leaves. Dried leaves are removed to prevent disease outbreaks. Water a little, but the tuft should not dry completely. In the spring it is transplanted and placed in the light.

Soil preparation

Hydrangea needs loose soil and maximum amount of nutrients. Before planting the soil should be mixed with phosphates and sand. Do not forget to water abundantly, periodically deliver compost around the roots and acidify the soil. The deeper the planting hole, the more abundant it will bloom.

Soil: Grows best in rich, moderately moist, well-draining soil. Its acidity should be pH 6.5-4.5.

Planting and care

The attractiveness of this flower can quickly be lost under the scorching sun. The ideal option for it is a little sun in the morning and shade during the day. Planting hydrangeas: more room to grow. space. The distance between the bushes should be at least a meter. Hydrangea grows very fast.

Water more often

Abundant fertilization is recommended only at the planting stage. But in the period of flowering with organic fertilizers care must be taken: abundant fertilization during this period will lead to the growth of greenery instead of flowering. Water it more often - the hydrangea loves moist soil. 

Watering: From March to late August, water abundantly, then less. The water softens, the hydrangea does not tolerate much calcium. Until August, rhododendron fertilizer is added to the irrigation water. On hot days, it is advisable to spray the leaves with water, as otherwise they begin to dry and fall off. It is very important for the hydrangea to keep its roots moist. This is especially true for shrubs planted around trees.

Pruning: Stimulate the growth of flowers
Proper and timely pruning of the plant will accelerate the formation of buds and fresh shoots. Perform it in early spring to stimulate growth.


In early spring, the hydrangea can be fed with nitrogen-based fertilizers (often a mixture of potassium sulfate and urea is used), and in summer and early autumn, potassium and phosphorus are used. Do not forget to acidify the soil.

Create Proper Conditions

Create comfortable conditions for the hydrangea. For starters, do not prune the roots during transplanting. Do not forget the sand and fertilizer. Nourish until it takes root in the new place. And remember that the hydrangea, although beautiful, is a poisonous flower that can be dangerous to babies and pets.

Hydrangea transplant

Hydrangea is a perennial plant. In the flowerbed the cuttings are planted at least 15-17 inches apart. They spread quickly and after a few years form a wide strip of leaves, strewn with numerous inflorescences. This flower is difficult to change its flesh. Over time, the hydrangea will get used to a new place, but for that she needs help.

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