March 8 - International Women’s Day

Mar 04, 2022

Every year on March 8 on the streets in many countries you can see men with bouquets of flowers - for the beloved, mother, colleague, neighbor. Women dress festively, smile more than ordinary days, make plans for where they will spend Women's Day. Of course, there are also opponents of the holiday who feel uncomfortable with this planned and expected attention from men. They believe that a woman should be respected and honored not only on March 8, but also on every day of the year. Both sides have their rights. But why is March 8 celebrated as Women's Day and what is the history of the holiday?

March 8

March 8

International women's day - history

International Women's Day is celebrated every year on March 8. This is a day of international recognition of women's economic, political and social achievements.

The history of the holiday began in 1857 in New York, when one of the first protest rallies of women working in textile factories was organized. They called for equal rights with men, reduced working hours and improved working conditions. Two years later, the first women's trade union was formed. The most famous and mass protest of women was in 1908 in New York, which involved 15,000 women. Their main demands are for a shorter working day, better pay and the right to vote.

How does March 8 appear?

In 1909, the American Socialist Party declared February 28 National Women's Day. Until 1913, American women celebrated it on the last Sunday in February.
The first international women's conference, organized by the Socialist International, was held on August 27, 1910 in Copenhagen. At the suggestion of the German socialist Clara Zetkin, it is customary to celebrate the Day of Workers' Day and International Solidarity every year on one of the first Sundays of spring, in order to mobilize the broad working women to fight for equality with men in all spheres of society. of life.
As a result of this decision, International Women's Day was first celebrated in 1911 in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark, when more than one million men and women took part in the processions.

Since 1914, the celebration of the holiday in different countries has been on March 8. It is associated at the turn of the century with the struggle for political, economic and social equality. 

In 1977, the UN General Assembly decided to mark March 8 as International Women's Rights Day.

March 8 and his worldwide recognition

March 8 is an official holiday in the United States, Afghanistan, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, China (women only), Cuba, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia (women only), Madagascar (women only) for women), Moldova, Mongolia, Nepal, Russia, Tajikistan, Uganda, Ukraine, Zambia and many other countries.

How to make your loved one happy on March 8?

Whether you celebrate this holiday, your beloved or any other lady dear to you, would appreciate such a kind and sentimental gesture on this day. In American culture, International Women's Day has been displaced and less popular at the expense of Mother's Day. Millions of Americans rush every year to buy flowers and choose gifts, book reservations and exotic vacations to celebrate the special second Sunday in May.

So why not do the same on March 8? What woman would not want to feel cared for and happy? And don't forget that the ladies deeply appreciate the attention to detail!

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