Mother’s Day Surprise Ideas

May 08, 2023

Today, on the second Sunday of May, we are used to celebrating our mothers for their endless care, love and devotion. Husbands and parents, daughters and sons, old and young all spend the first days of May organizing an amazing and unique surprise for the most dearest women in their lives. Here are a few Mother’s day surprise ideas you can take advantage of this May.

Mother's Day Surprise Image

Mother's Day Surprise Image

What exactly is this holiday?

Do you know the history of Mother's Day and when it all started? Before going into the topic and giving you ideas for presents, here is a little history lesson - The festival of fertility and the mother originated in Greece in ancient times. In the 16th century, during Lent before Easter, the English celebrated the so-called Mothering Sunday, when they gave the maids the day off to visit their families. 

Officially, Mother's Day began to be celebrated in 1908 in honor of Anna Reeves Jarvis, who stood up and fought for the rights of mothers. In 1914, then US President Woodrow Wilson announced the first official and nationwide Mother's Day - the second Sunday in May.

This wonderful celebration is a great opportunity for anyone to express how they feel. Not only that, but this day is a good opportunity to show your mom how important she is. Our list is made up of those nominations that are suitable for mothers of all ages and personalities. That's why you can choose any one by adding a card and kind words.

Gift Ideas For Your Mom

Even if you have limited time for this - here are some ideas of what you can present as a gift to your mother to make her happy on Mother's Day.

  • Festive cake - if you are confident in your abilities, bake and decorate. In confectioneries, it will turn out to be more elegant and more complex in the decor: masters can be entrusted with delicious bouquets or family plots of sweet mastic.
  • The bear with a basket of strawberries - everywhere in the world Mother's Day is associated with teddy bears. Which is customary to give. Buy not too big, combine with aromatic fruits or berries.
  • Notebook with pen - Suitable for both businesswoman and housewife. But the first is more suitable to give stricter, albeit feminine products. Those who spend most of their time doing homework are more comfortable with spiral notebooks.
  • Music box - such an edition not only for the New Year, but also with a repertoire for any occasion. Pleasant classics, waltzes and couples dance when the lid is opened - a touching gift for many years.
  • A set of honey of different varieties - manufacturers offer assortments of flowers, wood, mountain picks, with the addition of nuts and dried fruits. Ready-made complete sets are also sold, but you can always make your own collection.
  • Kitchen utensils and appliances - if your mother is an exemplary housewife in which everything goes well in cooking, she will be happy to have useful appliances and utensils. Microwave ovens, grill pans, cookware, cutlery, cake bars and other wonders.
  • Manicure Kit - Typically includes 5-10 tools secured in a compact, collapsible case. Many of them prefer German brands, Czech, American, there are local decent qualities. The most expensive - in the skin.
  • Decorated photo album - you will be able to make a collection of vacation photos yourself: it is enough to go out with your mother ahead of time for a walk and take a selfie. She will be happy to browse this collection from time to time.
  • Favorite perfume - an all-time bestseller, while women prefer personality. This supply often changes seasonally. So buying a branded bottle is an act of care and kindness.
  • Bouquet of fresh flowers - this one is probably every woman's favorite gift! Be careful when you pick the type of flowers for the Mother’s day bouquet. And if you know your mom’s favorite flowers, then go straight with them.

Mother's Day is sort of an annual reminder for everyone to drop everything and celebrate the selfless souls we call "mothers," "ma," or "mom." The kids come up with crazy and innovative ideas to make this day extra spectacular for her. It can be anything from a boozy brunch to relaxing spa days, a night out with friends or a surprise party. Remember that nothing stands in the way of the sacred bond between mother and children. Thus, the occasion of Mother's Day celebrates the pure bond of eternal love between a mother and her child. Celebrated with great fervor all over the world, it is a day when all the family members come together to make this day special for her.

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