Organic Gardening

May 22, 2023

An organic garden respectful to the environment and biodiversity and also a garden full of ideas! The arrival of spring marks the time for choosing crops, sowing, buying materials and plant protection products... It's time to make good decisions and cultivate good ideas... ORGANIC!

Organic Vegetables Image

Organic Vegetables Image

Eco-responsible gardening

Ecologically responsible gardening is a resourceful, innovative and thoughtful way of gardening, where each small gesture is articulated with the others, in a whole, with the background of maintaining the balance of a small ecosystem that is the garden. It's neither archaic, nor complicated: just pick up some good habits and the rest will follow!

Organic Gardening 101: Where to Get Started

There are a variety of ways to transition to organic landscaping. Areas and plants that require the most chemicals and looking to reduce those areas should first be studied. Your lawn will likely be at the top of the list. Lawn insecticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers are all widely available. It's advisable to gradually phase out chemicals in different areas over time because frequent usage of these chemicals will make your grass dependent on them. Healthy soil is the basis for a healthy lawn. An organic garden relies on fertilization because it is the best way to return decomposing organic matter back into the soil. Organic fertilizer and mixed fertilizer are the best way to restore the healthy appearance of your soil.

A yard filled with grasses, annuals, perennials and shrubs will soften the hard lines of the house. Make a gravel path instead of flagstones or bricks and it will look even more natural. Also, just because you don't have a big yard, that doesn't mean you can't make your garden organic and beautiful or have a view of a beautiful meadow. Make the garden blend in with the landscape of your house, not fight it, so your garden will look amazing and tie in with the landscape. The plan for the traditional and orderly garden includes neat plants along the height of the porch, along the path or along your fence. Here you don't have to make such a plan, in these gardens you can arrange your flowers or bushes as you like and what your style is. If you want to make your garden more colorful, put flowers where you want, put them near the house, next to the path or in the middle of your garden, it will look fresher. If you prefer the simple look, but prefer to have flowers as well, then choose flowers of the same color and plant trees for more elegance. If you have a pool, make sure that the plants and its look fit into the surrounding environment in it or around it, you will feel like you are in the wild and untouched nature. You have a huge path in your yard, don't worry about planting grass that is high and gives the appearance of a path somewhere in the meadows. If you have or have planted trees, make a path between them and make somewhere between the trees a place to relax, this is a good option for the summer heat to hide between the shadows of the trees.

Make your garden your style - express yourself 

In it, put your favorite flowers, lovely bushes, trees, even make a small pond or pool to give your garden the natural look you want. It doesn't take much to make a pond, find rocks to surround your pond with. Choose the place where your lake will be. Do not forget - it will always look natural, especially if you put aquatic plants in it.

Many forms of plants will make your garden very elegant, if you like tall plants, tall delphiniums, dogwoods, allium balls, iris spears, will look amazing in front of your front door or by the path to it. Consider the color palette in a garden can have every color of the rainbow or have a more complex limited palette such as green grass and shrubs and white flowers. Don't be afraid to plant whatever you want in any available plot of soil, even if the space runs out. As well as that, mailboxes and fences made of slabs or wood beg for the company of flowers. Mix ornamental trees and shrubs, annuals and perennials. Consider a gazebo and gate, make sure there is a place where you can enjoy your garden and the success you have achieved. Fresh edges and sculptural elements will give your house or cottage a more formal look. Make sure you make paths to walk along and admire your hard work. Don't forget that you can plant some creepers on the walls. Incorporate rocks and gravel into your garden design wherever possible. A stone path or gravel paths with flagstone steps will make your garden shine with style and show off your character.

What does it take to have an organic garden?

  • Too much sun. An area that gets approximately eight hours of sun per day will make your vegetables big and healthy. One way to analyze a planting site is to see if the sun shines at midday in winter;
  • It is necessary to have a water source nearby so that there are no problems when watering the garden;
  • A place for the home compost that will provide the fertilizer to put into the soil (see how to compost here).

What are the principles of the organic garden?

  • Grouping different types of vegetables so that one benefits from the other, but they do not have to compete for nutrients. For example, shade-loving species can be grown alongside other shade-loving ones;
  • It is important to rotate crops to avoid depleting soil nutrients. If we assume that a beet (root vegetable) is planted in a flower bed, the next time this bed should be sown with another type of vegetable, such as lettuce (leafy vegetables). Crop rotation also prevents pests;
  • The compost from the compost to enrich the soil with nutrients and support the development of microorganisms that will help plant growth.

We believe that with the right tools and motivation, you can transform your garden into an amazing organic place for all of your plants and flowers. Follow our advice in this blog and enjoy positive results in no time!

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