Valentine’s Day Surprise For Him

Jan 30, 2023

Once Feb 14 approaches, we all start looking for surprise with which we will once again show the chosen one of your heart how important he is to us and how much we love him. But what is the most effective and appropriate Valentine's Day gift for a man? We have prepared a variety of proposals for romantic and unique gifts to help you choose.

Male Gift Giving Image

Male Gift Giving Image

A gift for him for Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, love seems to be in the air. On this day, lovers all over the world celebrate their love and give each other gifts to show their feelings.

And if it seems easier for men to choose a romantic gift for the ladies of their heart, for women it often turns out to be a serious challenge. And since February 14 is still a celebration of your common love, the best gift for the man next to you is precisely the time spent with you.

Gift for boyfriend 

Give your boyfriend something atypical, catchy and creative. Be original and creative. Men also like to expect the unexpected when it comes to gifts! If you're looking for a Valentine's Day gift, go for a personalized t-shirt or mug. If you have an anniversary, give him a sea of ​​love and a unique atmosphere with a gift set or a basket for men. If you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend's birthday, our cosmetic sets are also a good and practical option. Check out more ideas for personalized gifts - collages, sound waves, a personalized video for an occasion, a trophy or a certificate. You can always choose wine in a box or opt for a non-standard gift such as a unisex necklace with a real meteorite or a star set. 

An original gift for Valentine's Day

Are you tired of sweet hearts and want to surprise your significant other with a different, original gift? Here are our top suggestions for an original Valentine's Day gift for a man.

  • Puzzle with your photo in the shape of a heart - Give yourself pleasant moments together as you arrange the puzzle with your photo together, which will then remain as a memory.
  • Escape room for two - Break away from reality and embark on an exciting adventure for two in one of the many rooms with puzzles.
  • Telescope - If he's a star buff, give him the starry sky! With this gift, they will be closer to him. 
  • T-shirts for Him and Her - Order identical T-shirts with original inscriptions and photos.
  • Vintage Shaving Set - An interesting and slightly nostalgic set of a razor with replaceable blades, brush and shaving soap in a retro style. A very original gift for any man with a taste for vintage items. 
  • Order his name on a grain of rice - Can you imagine your loved one's name written on a tiny grain of rice? It is possible. And besides, it is placed in a magnifying glass bottle so that it can be seen nicely.
  • Wine with personalized labels and glasses - Wine is drunk on Valentine's Day. Order wine with a personalized label with your photo and a love message. Also add two mugs that you can have your names engraved on.
  • A bouquet of fresh flowers is always a good choice even for a man. After all, many men don’t receive flowers and this would be a nice way to show appreciation and love.
  • Compass - Give him a compass with a message so that your loved one never loses the way to your heart. 
  • Keychain for two - Order a set of keychains for him and you. 
  • Wine decanter - A stylish gift that will delight any male wine lover and most important, he will share with you.
  • I love you in 100 languages ​​- An original way to explain yourself to him in love. A little tip: add something practical to this gift - a bottle of wine, chocolate, a lighter or a key ring.
  • Heart engraved with your photo - Another romantic gift idea for lovers, suitable for the holiday.
  • Board game - Choose an interesting board game for those long winter evenings.
  • Adrenaline experience voucher - Hot air balloon ride for two, tandem skydive or any other experience of your choice that will make your relationship even stronger.
  • Wallet with your joint photo in it - Give him a leather wallet and put a photo of both of you in it.
  • Warm blanket for two - A soft, fluffy blanket to snuggle up to in front of the TV in the evening.

So, have you already decided what you are about to choose this Feb 14?

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