7 Easter Decoration Ideas

Apr 03, 2023

Easter traditions in the English-speaking world are pretty much the same, with slight regional differences, but they all center around Easter eggs, sweet bunnies and small gifts for children. After all, Easter traditions throughout Christendom are usually associated with painted eggs and we will provide you with amazing ideas to put lovely decorations in your house and office!

Easter Decoration Image

Easter Decoration Image

Use The Symbols of Easter as Inspiration For The Decoration

The Easter Egg

Numerous cultures have connected the egg with the universe since the beginning of existence. For instance, the Persians held that the Earth emerged from a massive egg. The egg was often seen as a representation of springtime rebirth. Romans, Gauls, Persians, and Chinese all painted, embellished, and adorned eggs. The egg came to represent the creation of man from nature after the advent of Christianity.

The Easter Bunny 

The tradition of the Easter bunny dates back to pagan times. People sacrificed rabbits to the Saxon goddess of spring, Eostre (the English Catholic holiday of Easter, Easter, is named after her). At that time there was a ritual hunting of rabbits. Now it is still part of the Easter holiday, but no one perceives it as a sacrament.

The Easter Bunny was first mentioned in a German fairy tale from the 15th century. There is a story about a rabbit who hid colorful eggs in the garden from the children. In American folklore, the Easter Bunny was introduced in the 17th century by German settlers in Pennsylvania. The children there believed that if they were obedient, the Easter Bunny would leave them a nest of colorful eggs.

Check These Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter is the biggest Christian holiday. Just as the Christmas decoration brings coziness, warmth and festive mood to the home, so the Easter decoration can create it. 

  1. Due to the new season that brings new life, we recommend making a pretty Easter wreath for your front door. It can be made up to your taste - you pick the color theme, the flowers and the extra details such as ribbons, eggs and even dried fruits.
  2. You can make a painting that fits the festive mood. Get your family or friends and paint together. You can use all colors and brushes. After you have finished, you can frame the painting and then use it as decoration for the holiday.
  3. Put candles around the house and create a majestic atmosphere. Especially at the dark hours of the day, having many little lights around the house can make anyone feel warm and cozy.
  4. The Spring season is the perfect one to get a big bouquet of tulips and place them in your living room. That way all of your family can enjoy the beauty of nature. In fact, a lovely spring bouquet will look good in every room of your house or even at your office.
  5. You can put colored eggs in glass clear vases or jars. This Easter decoration is suitable for the living room table, why not the dining room table. To be honest, I would also put it on my desk. You only need a large glass vase or vases for it, if your table is bigger and you can afford a more lavish decoration. Fill the vase with the painted eggs. You can arrange them by color or as you see fit. Add something of your own – a flower, a decorative chick, ladybugs, ribbons, why not chocolates.
  6. Put a ceramic figure of a bunny in your front yard or backyard. That way it will look like the cute creature has come to visit your house. There are several beliefs about the Easter Bunny and its connection to Christianity. Traditionally, it is associated with fertility, abundance and is a symbol of the new life that is born in spring. Don't forget to include it in the decoration.
  7. As for the festive table, arrange the glasses, utensils, and plates. Choose a suitable tablecloth and napkins. Leave plenty of room for candles, small bunny figurines, painted eggs and lots of fresh flowers. To get a stylish decoration, it is good to have a preliminary concept. Stick to a few colors to stick with. Thus, you will convey a unique atmosphere to your home and everyone will be delighted with the beautifully arranged table and the overall decoration.

Make this holiday exceptional by creating the festive atmosphere yourself with these simple decoration ideas!

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