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Bouquet Of Tulips - Is It Appropriate For Me?

It is hardly possible for a bouquet of tulips to be unsuitable for someone. And can you actually name a person who doesn't like tulips? With their almost perfect appearance, they are preferred by millions of people every year. However, there are occasions when it is especially appropriate to give a bouquet of tulips. 

To start with, being a spring flower and one of the main symbols of this season, tulips are an excellent gift for the ones born during the spring. Think about your loved ones who celebrate in the months of March to June and delight their special day with a wonderful gift.

In addition, many years of experience have taught us that tulips are among the most popular flowers for Mother's Day and that is why they annually participate in our collection for this wonderful occasion.

There is also an increased interest in tulips for Valentine's Day. Although the rose is the traditional symbol of love and romance and undoubtedly the most preferred flower for this occasion, many customers run away from the traditional and choose to order a tulip arrangement for their loved ones. Others, for instance, bet on an intermediate version between the classic rose and the spring tulip and order Love Wonder Bouquet.

Regardless of the occasion, however, the tulip remains one of the most preferred flowers. In addition to the mentioned occasions, it is found in dozens of arrangements for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and even funerals. In other words - with a bouquet of tulips it's hard to go wrong!

Interesting Facts and Symbolism Of Tulip Flower 

While the rose is considered the queen of flowers, the tulip is known as the queen of spring. The exquisite tulip is one of the most easily recognizable symbols of the first season of the year. With its endless variety of colors - from white and bright yellow to dark purple and even black, iridescent shades and different shapes of leaves, tulips can fascinate anyone. Although most often are associated with the Netherlands, tulips are popular all around the globe. They are widely used in flower arrangements and the different colors have different meanings in the "language of flowers".

The white tulip, for instance, is a universal symbol of forgiveness, and the red tulip is an expression of true love. And while purple symbolizes royalty and highness, the multicolored bouquet of tulips is considered a compliment to the recipient.

Here are some interesting facts about tulips:

  • In the 9th century, in ancient Persian literature, tulips were first described as existing plants;
  • The Turks learned from the Persians how to cultivate tulips;
  • In the 16th century the tulip was brought to Europe from Asia Minor;
  • "Tulip" - the word comes from Persian and Turkish;
  • "Tulipa" - in Turkish the word means "turban";
  • In the late 1593 a Frenchman (Charles de L'ecluse) distributed tulips in the Netherlands;
  • The tulip is part of the lily family.

Because Flower Arrangements With Tulips Are Always In Fashion

Few people know that the original shingles, which adorns the petals of some types of tulips, was originally the result of a viral infection. The first to notice this infection was the Dutch botanist Carol Clasius, who is considered to be the man who popularized the tulip in the Netherlands. He managed to create many new color variations of tulips, some of which became very popular. Today, this unusual coloring is a deliberate result of reproduction and presents to us a great variety of colors.

At the same time, the seasonal nature of tulips makes them even more desirable. Just as we look forward to the first snowfall in the winter, flower lovers expect the tulips to bloom in the spring. However, in case you want to escape from the traditional bouquet composed entirely of tulips, here are the arrangements in which you can meet the symbol of spring:

  • Bountiful Beauty Bouquet - capture everyone’s attention with this more than magnificent combination of orange tulips, blue iris, blue hydrangea and coral gerbera daisies;
  • The Meditation Bouquet - two words only - red and stylish. Ruby red tulips are beautifully arranged alongside red gladiolus to create an arrangement with a perfect and sophisticated look;
  • The Always Remembered Bouquet - a gorgeous multicolor flower arrangement created of purple tulips, blue delphinium, lavender calla lilies and much more stylish stems, all delicately arranged in a purple glass vase.

I Am Looking For Tulips For Sale Near Me

In the middle of the 17th century the tulip was traded at an extremely high price. A flower was more valuable than most people's homes and cost almost 10 times more than the annual income of a wealthy craftsman. The value of a single stem was equal to that of a diamond.

Fortunately, nowadays, thanks to the cultivation and widespread use of flowers, tulips are offered at reasonable and affordable prices. Standardly available in bouquets of 15 stems, they are a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

Here are some reasons to order tulips online from TodayFlowerDelivery:

  • You forgot about your sister's birthday and are looking for an express way to organize a rapid yet memorable surprise within the same day;
  • You want to brighten your wife’s day with a kind gesture and want to send her flowers to the office;
  • You want to remind your dear mom how much you miss her;
  • You are stuck in a traffic jam on the way home and remember that your daughter’s birthday is right behind the corner;
  • You are late for an important event and urgently need flowers but you have nowhere to buy.

Well, regardless of your location or that of your loved ones, we are always around you. How? Because we work with a huge network of local florists and flower suppliers throughout the country. We serve both large cities and the most remote corners of the United States. And that's not all! No matter where you are and where you want your beautiful tulip bouquet to be delivered, we can get it to your special recipient's door the same day. Just make sure you place an order on our site before noon and within a few hours your tulip flower arrangement will be delivered to the requested address.

Anyone will enjoy the beauty of fresh tulips from this website- they are just splendid !!

- Tillman A.

Although I prefer bouquets with tulips in only one color, ordered mixed color tulips for my mother's 60th birthday. They were delivered the following day due to the wrong address but still arrived in perfect condition. Thank you

- Ozella I.

I love your bouquets of tulips. 

- Leif U.

For everyone whose wife loves tulips more than anything, this is the right place to shop such blooms, guys. They arrive not fully open and bloom a little later and last for a week. Wonderful quality and good prices.

- Liam J.

Very cheap tulips. I got some for my mom this Mother's day and the whole price was around $50 for 20 tulips with Godiva and plush bear. 

- Nat G.

Although I have ordered many bouquets of tulips for my wife for our 5 years of marriage, she never gets tired of receiving these blooms. They are her favorite so I bought a bunch of them for Valentine's day. 

- Raphael Bins

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