When To Plant Daffodils Bulbs

Mar 31, 2022

Daffodils - these beautiful flowers, will become your pride and will be admirable if you take proper care of them. Here you will be able to find the needed information on how to plant and take care of your daffodils during the different seasons.

Daffodils in the Garden

Daffodils in the Garden

Plant Daffodils Bulbs in Spring

The daffodil flower has gained great popularity among gardeners around the world. For all its beauty, it does not require special climate, soil and care, so it got its second name - a flower for lazy gardeners. Many growers believe that these representatives of the flora will bloom and smell in the garden, even if they are simply planted, do not care for them and are watered from time to time. But not everything is so simple, it is worth knowing when to cut daffodils. From the publication the reader will learn how to choose the ideal place on the site, the characteristics of care, pruning rules, as well as the reasons why daffodils don't bloom. In this season, many flowers are being planted and later on even showing their beautiful blooms.  After the snow stops, the daffodils are released from the shelter. They usually bloom in April-May, but this can happen earlier if you clear the snow at the end of March, remove the shelter from the beds and place nylon over the plants on the structure. In order not to burn the flowers and grow well, it is necessary to choose the optimal place for them - it should be slightly shaded.

After flowering daffodils are watered for another two weeks - during this time the bulbs accumulate nutrients. You need to loosen the soil around so that it can grow to the roots, but do it well - no deeper than 2 inches.

Taking Care of The Daffodils During the Summer

Transplant daffodils every 3-4 years. Dig them up in early July. Choose the healthy ones, clean them. Divide the nests, wash them, keep them for 30 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate, dry them in the shade, and store them until autumn.

If you do not dig up the bulbs, you must remove the dried ones and loosen the soil so that weed leaves do not appear. In the second half of August watering resumed, as the roots grew.

Planting Daffodils Bulbs in Autumn 

Before planting, inspect the bulbs, separate the damaged, soft and darkened, and keep the selected for 30 minutes in 1% solution of potassium permanganate. Plant them in October, at a depth equal to three times the height of the bulbs. Before the cold, mulch the daffodils with peat or leaves in a layer of 7 inches.

Tips and tricks from experienced flower growers

Each experienced grower has his own rules for planting and caring for plants. So, some gardeners recommend judging daffodils every three years. At the same time, others achieve lush flowering with the help of annual bush transplants.

Experienced gardeners do not expect a lot of snow in the winter, but always warm the flowers for the winter. The most common materials for this are:

  • Sawdust;
  • Leaves;
  • Peat.

Knowing the reasons why the narcissus does not bloom in the spring, you can take care so that throughout the year a suitable year the plant will take you with the chic buds. It is worth knowing when the leaves are cut from the daffodil after flowering. Also, when choosing a type of planting, it is necessary to consider not only its characteristics, but also the climatic conditions in which it will be grown. The plant must be in this area.

Enjoy The Presence of Daffodils

There is no doubt that a bouquet of freshly picked daffodils will brighten any room that is put into it. Not only that, but also if you don’t like the idea of growing the flowers yourself, you can always buy daffodil bouquets online. After all, anyone would be more than happy to have such gorgeous flowers with them!

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