How to Take Care of Calla Lilies

Apr 04, 2022

Calla lily, also known as Zantedeschia aethiopica, belongs to the Araceae family, native to South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. This beautiful tube-shaped flower is easy to grow with just a few important planting tips to keep in mind. It is true - taking care of Calla lilies is quite easy for both cultivation and flowering. You can grow potted plants in pots - indoors or outdoors in your garden. They should be on everyone's list of summer flowering bulbs.

Calla Lilies in a Vase mage

Calla Lilies in a Vase mage

How to Care for Calla Lily Bulbs in Pots

Although you can start growing from kali seeds, the seeds take a long time to germinate. In addition, lilies seedlings have a very low degree of germination. It is best to start growing the flowers using bulbs. We recommend using deep pots and planting one bulb in a five or six inch wide pot. However, if you are planting two or three bulbs, then do it in an eight-inch or even a larger container. And just a little tip we would like to give you: If you want to grow your Calla Lilies in pots, they look best when dormant tubers start in larger pots.

When potted pots allow the tops of the tubers to barely protrude above the soil. Although potassium roots do not spread much, the use of large pots will help keep the soil moist and allow enough space for the tubers to spread and make extra plants. You will find all kinds of complex recommended potash mixes, but all need well-drained soil.

If you live in areas with high temperatures or where the frost has already passed, plant the tubers directly in the garden. For best results, bury the tubers three to 4 inches below the soil surface.

Tips For Watering Calla Lilies

Water the potassium well and place it in a bright place until it starts to grow. Calla lily's buds need a lot of water throughout their growth cycle - they can almost stand in water. Watering the lilies regularly will ensure that the soil remains moist. Calla lilies should be hydrated at all times. Remember that plants grown in containers tend to dry out much faster than those grown in the ground.

However, the soil should not be too moist, as the calla lily bulb may begin to rot. One of the indicators that you can overdo the watering of plants is the presence of dark tips on the leaves.

In cooler climates, grow pots as annuals or just dig up the bulbs or rhizomes in the fall and transplant them next year. With good care, each bulb will give up to six blooms during its flowering season. In areas where the temperature is warm, you can grow them for many years throughout the year.

How to Grow Calla Lily Outside

Choose an ideal place for planting bulbs. If you live in a hot climate, make sure you choose an outdoor place that gets partial shade and retains moisture. If you live in a cooler region, choose an area full of sun and moisture. Once selected, the ideal place for planting pots ensures that the ground is well prepared. Also, not to forget to mention that It is of vital importance to enrich the soil with organic materials which helps the flower’s growing process - especially if you have sandy or stony soil, it should be done.

Transplant the starter bulbs and plants. It is not recommended to plant the tubers directly in the open before taking care of them in the starter pots. Once your tubes start, transplant the calla lilies into the garden. You need to do this since there is no threat of frost. The ideal distance for these calla lilies should be at least 12 inches. As well as that, keep in mind that some calla lilies can grow up to 4 feet - it depends on the type of calla lily you have and how you take care of it.

Watering and Growing Calla Lilies in Open Spaces

When watering, make sure that the soil remains moist throughout the growing season. It is also very important to nourish lilies regularly, using water-soluble common fertilizer. Remember to fertilize more than normal when you notice the formation of flowers.

And lastly, you should stop watering the plant at the end of its growing season. This will allow the soil to dry out and the calla lilies to die. And even if you live in a place with a warm climate, calla lilies still need to be in a period of winter dormancy in order  to bloom again next year.

However, if you are not feeling like going through the process of growing calla lilies on your own, you can always buy a calla lily bouquet from the nearest flower shop and enjoy its beauty. 

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