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The calla lily flowers are a true symbol of grace and elegance! Furthermore, a flower bouquet of calla lilies is probably the best choice if it is for a younger lady. Let’s say that you want to surprise your daughter for graduating, a calla lily flower arrangement would suit this occasion perfectly! In other words, buy her congratulation flowers with calla lilies in it and show your support and excitement for her! 

Meet The Flower Calla Lily 

The delicate silhouette of the calla lily makes it one of the most preferred flowers for bridal bouquets and wedding flower arrangements.

In addition, the calla lily is durable in a vase. It could keep its freshness for more than a week, especially if the funnel is more closed at the beginning. The thick stem of the calla lily contains a lot of water, so professional florists with many years of experience in the field advise to pour less water into the vase.

On the other hand, this elegant yet mysterious flower is also often used in flower arrangements on sorrowful occasions such as funerals or memorial services. The French, for instance, consider the calla lily a traditional funeral flower and find giving it for a different occasion unacceptable. 

Historically, the Romans believed that the calla lily was a symbol of passion and sexuality, which is undoubtedly due to its phallic stems and yellow cob in the center of the flower. In contrast, for early Christians, it was a symbol of purity and chastity. This is why in the Christian world these blooms are used precisely at funerals and weddings, symbolizing the purity of souls which take part in the ritual itself. 

And while in Wales it was considered bad luck to grow calla lilies in your garden, in the Northern Hemisphere, they are a symbol of rebirth and resurrection, perhaps because they bloom around Easter, and therefore calla lilies are also known as the Easter lilies.

Furthermore, due to its grace, this flower has been drawn by artists throughout history. Jewelry is also often made with its shape, it participates in the decoration of textiles, as well as in the interior of premises.

Flower Arrangement With Calla Lilies 

As already mentioned, calla lily is among the most preferred flowers for weddings and funerals, but this does not necessarily mean that it does not participate in flower arrangements for other occasions. Men often wonder if it is appropriate to give calla lilies to their wives, fiancés or girlfriends. The answer is a resounding yes! These flowers are a great way to avoid routine and bet on something stylish and sophisticated! Giving a flower arrangement with calla lilies to your loved one for your wedding anniversary means only one thing "My love for you is as pure and unsullied as it was in the beginning itself."

However, what do you think of a flower arrangement with calla lilies for a birthday? Here is our opinion - describe the lady to whom you gave your heart. If you find her a sophisticated, elegant, fine and stylish woman, haven't you really given her a calla lily flower arrangement yet? It's high time to fix this mistake! No matter when her birthday is, surprise her with your delicate choice making her feel adored and valued. After all, any woman would like to feel that way. And don't forget - if her birthday is months away, you don't have to wait for it to come closer in order to express your feelings! Love is to be shown every day, with or without an occasion!

I Am Looking For A Calla Lily Bouquet

On the other hand, if you are looking for a balance between the traditional and the innovative, then a calla lilies and roses bouquet is an excellent choice. Why do not look at The Sweet Solace Bouquet, for example? In addition to being reasonably priced, it can be delivered the same day, bringing your loved one a message of devotion and deepest feelings. Furthermore, we guarantee impeccable quality and service at the highest level. Your calla lily bouquet will not only be arranged by a professional florist with many years of experience, but will also be composed of fresh blooms that will last as long as possible to please your special recipient. 

Most often the traditional white calla lily is the one which appears in every reader’s mind. Still, TodayFlowerDelivery can diversify your choice. The Easter lilies are also found in other colors, but among the most preferred are definitely the purple ones. 

Enigmatic, mysterious and preferred by aesthetes, dark purple calla lilies are especially suitable for spiritually elevated people. In addition, the color purple is often associated with power, and bouquets in the purple range are a traditional choice for people in high positions in both the state hierarchy and the private sector as well. So, If your recipient meets this description, we are here to make your choice easier. Not only will they be fascinated by The Always Remembered Bouquet, but your huge gesture will leave a lasting smile on their face.
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