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The Always Adored Calla Lily Bouquet
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The Always Adored Calla Lily Bouquet

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Send White Calla Lily Arrangement For Funeral

Calla lilies are so elegant that even a simple arrangement of white calla lilies can leave your dear recipient astonished. There are no words that can describe the sophisticated nature of this type of flower. Undoubtedly, that’s why they are a perfect match for almost any occasion - from weddings to funerals.


The calla lily has a tall sturdy stem and is daring - like it will stay there forever. The white bloom is representing strong feelings as sympathy for the departed soul and empathy for the mourning ones. Frankly, spirituality is pouring out of this arrangement and it speaks loud when everyone is silent.

Bouquet of Calla Lilies For Wedding

Calla lilies can be described best as a symbol of purity and faithfulness. Many prefer to send this bouquet of white blooms to occasions that represent new beginnings such as weddings and newborns. Straightforwardly, when delivered on celebration such as a wedding it will be perceived, unanimously, as a wish for deep devotion and mature, yet innocent love.


Many wedding organizers choose white calla lily as the main floral theme for the wedding. So, it makes perfect sense for you to have it delivered for the wedding day. The flower is popular, yet, it’s a stylish gift for a wedding. Brides can employ the flower to use from ceremony to reception. 

The Meaning of Calla Lily

The calla lily isn’t a lily at all. This plant’s natural habitat is bogs, ponds, and streams. The plant has big dark green leaves, lanky stems and gorgeous blooms. The bloom may come in white, pink, purple and yellow. Interestingly, every dye is a token of a different emotion. As previously stated, the white calla lily represents purity, innocence, devotion, faithfulness and deep attachment. The deep feelings it reveals makes it a preferred gift for birthdays and wedding anniversaries as well. 


This particular floral arrangement comes in a clear glass French vase.

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Saturday, 19 June, 2021

Fantastic calla lilies - white, tall and extremely elegant

Saturday, 6 March, 2021

Very stylish

- Tania D.
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