Meaning of Hydrangea Flowers

Jul 11, 2022

Hydrangeas are ornamental shrubs from East and South Asia and America. This is a very striking plant because of its spectacular inflorescence, color and grace, which decorates the corner or garden where it is grown. However, in some cultures, hydrangeas have an opposite meaning to their beauty. If you want to learn more, keep reading.

Hydrangeas in Nature Image

Hydrangeas in Nature Image

The Symbolism of the Flower

The Victorians considered hydrangeas to be a negative plant, a boast or a vanity because they produced magnificent flowers but very few seeds. It was also given to people who thought they were cold and rejected love. 

Hydrangea has a wide range of meanings, from sincere emotion, gratitude to praise. The Japanese associate the flower with an apology for a legend in which a Japanese emperor apologized to his beloved with a large bouquet for his absence.

The Japanese legend of flowers says that after the emperor apologized to the family of his beloved, who sent him a bouquet of hydrangeas. Perhaps this is why many hydrangeas associated with heartfelt, sincere feelings are manifested in every situation, regardless of joy or sadness. However, not everyone compares hydrangea with humility and hope. According to the Victorian language of flowers, hydrangea symbolizes calmness and indifference. Some say that the hydrangea symbolizes vanity and vanity. This comparison is caused by the abundance of flowers collected in large inflorescences. However, one would like not consider, but the grace and beauty of hydrangeas are undeniable.

However, the flower comes in different colors and each of them has a different meaning. 

The meaning of each color

Hydrangeas delight us in shades of pink, blue, purple and green.

  • Pink hydrangeas symbolize sincere emotion.
  • Blue hydrangeas symbolize an apology.
  • White hydrangeas symbolize praise or boasting.
  • Purple hydrangeas symbolize a desire for deep understanding of someone.

Interesting Facts About Hydrangeas

Hydrangea plants from ancient times have had a connection with mankind, decorating gardens, having different meanings that may or may not be true. Similarly, hydrangeas are one of the few plants whose flower color is determined by the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. Hydrangeas with blue flowers are achieved with soil with high acidity, and those with pink flowers with slightly acidic soil.

The Hydrangea plant blooms practically all year round, as it begins to bloom in March, during the spring season and lasts until September and even after the end of this month and until the autumn season.

If you want your hydrangeas to last longer, trim or cut a few bouquets of their flowers and place them in a vase of flowers with water, you will see how their flowers last a long time with their fresh look.

Like many plants, hydrangeas are not suitable for human consumption, especially their petals, because they are poisonous. So be careful with children and young people.

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