Symbols of Christmas

Dec 26, 2022

Christmas symbols are an inalienable part of the spirit of the holiday. All around us, we often don't realize what the meaning and message of every single toy with which we decorate the home, office or other space that we want to bring us Christmas magic is actually. See the meaning of popular symbols of Christmas within our article here.

Christmas Star Image

Christmas Star Image

What Are the Symbols of Christmas?

The Christmas tree

The first of these is of course the Christmas tree. It is one of the most widespread traditions in the world, and although decorating a Christmas tree is considered a Christian custom, it actually originated much earlier. Already in Ancient Egypt they decorated palm trees, and later Germanic tribes began to decorate evergreen branches to celebrate the gift of light around the shortest day of the year - December 21. In the beginning, people decorated only branches of firs, firs, and pines, and only in 1597 they began to decorate whole trees.

For the first time, the Christmas tree became a Christmas tree in Germany. There, people believed that the spirit of the forest lived in it, which protected them, and later the evergreen color of its branches already meant eternal faith in Christ. From the German customs came this one, to decorate the Christmas tree with toys, lights and to leave many gifts under the Christmas tree. Evergreen trees symbolize eternal life. They are among the most significant parts of the holiday ritual. Gradually, the Christmas tree decorations become richer; Christmas trees are decorated with garlands, lots of lights and Christmas toys.

The Christmas Wreath

The Christmas wreath is also quite popular. It appeared for the first time also a long time ago - as far back as the Persians. The Christmas wreath is reminiscent of the crown of thorns that was placed on Jesus' head during his crucifixion. It is a symbol of the burden we place on ourselves and the responsibility we bear to ourselves, our loved ones and society. Nowadays, many people use Christmas plants to make their wreaths and then decorate the front door.

The Star

The star placed at the top of the Christmas tree is reminiscent of the one observed by the three wise men during the birth of Jesus Christ. In many parts of the world, the celebration of the holiday begins with the appearance of the first star on Christmas Eve. For Christians, the Christmas star should express the ideals associated with Jesus, called in the Bible "the bright morning star."

The Colors of Christmas

There are several colors that are associated with Christmas - the red of fruit gel and Santa's clothes, the green of the tree, the gold of candles and stars, the white of snow fields.

  • Red is the color that causes the most excitement and is also the color of the month of December. As a religious symbol it means fire, blood and charity.
  • Green is a symbol of nature, youth and hope for eternal life. For this reason, Christmas is also a celebration of hope, with a newborn child as a central symbol.
  • White is a religious symbol that means light, purity, joy and glory. White is in the robes of the Christmas angels, in Santa's beard and suit, and in the Christmas snow. In northern Europe and parts of America, snow covers the ground at Christmas. Roses are blooming in Southern California. In warmer climates, they use artificial snow to recreate the association with a snowy Christmas.
  • Gold is for the sunlight and shine. It is the color of Christmas stars, garlands, candles, electric lights.

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