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Symbols of Christmas Meaning & Symbolism
Christmas symbols are an inalienable part of the spirit of the holiday. All around us, we often don't realize what the meaning and message of every single toy with which we decorate the home, office or other space that we want to bring us Christmas magic is actually. See the meaning of popular symbols of Christmas within our article here.

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Pumpkins - Meaning & History Meaning & Symbolism
Few people know that the ordinary pumpkin is a powerful amulet and charm for the home. It is able to absorb negative energy and repel dark forces. So, we invite you to read more details  about this and the origin of the pumpkins in the following blog.

Cornucopia (Horn of Plenty) Image
The Meaning of Cornucopia Meaning & Symbolism
The horn of plenty, also known as cornucopia, is a symbol of fertility, wealth and grace, dating back to the 5th century BC. It derives from ancient Greek mythology, and in particular from the myth of the goat Amalthea, who nursed with her milk the god Zeus in a cave on the island of Crete. Learn more about the origins and the legends surrounding this symbol of Thanksgiving.

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Meaning of Daisy Flowers Meaning & Symbolism
Each flower and in turn each color carries with it a precise message that adapts to one situation or another, as if it were words of love or affection that need to be measured and paid attention to. According to mythology, the daisy is associated with the goddess Artemis, daughter of Zeus and twin of Apollo. For this reason, it is often associated with the female world.

Hydrangeas in Nature Image
Meaning of Hydrangea Flowers Meaning & Symbolism
Hydrangeas are ornamental shrubs from East and South Asia and America. This is a very striking plant because of its spectacular inflorescence, color and grace, which decorates the corner or garden where it is grown. However, in some cultures, hydrangeas have an opposite meaning to their beauty. If you want to learn more, keep reading.

Bonsai Tree in a Pot Image
Bonsai Tree Meaning Meaning & Symbolism
Bonsai is an ancient art form focused mainly on the production of miniature trees and plants. Art involves deliberately stopping the growth of a tree or shrub to obtain a miniature version of it. Bonsai trees are pruned and shaped in a great way, which makes them look very beautiful.
Alstroemeria Image
Meaning of Alstroemeria Meaning & Symbolism
The history of the alstroemeria flower originates from Peru. The ancient Incas revered and attached great importance to it as a gift from the Sun God. They believed that the plant gave man the ability to disappear, to move at the speed of light, or to become an animal. 
Yellow Roses Image
Meaning of Yellow Roses Meaning & Symbolism
Roses are the most popular flowers in the world. According to their color, they carry different messages and are suitable for different occasions and recipients. If red roses are the clear symbol of love, then yellow roses carry a different message. Today we will focus on the yellow roses. In the following lines you will learn more about their origin, meaning and message.

Daffodils Bouquet in a Vase
Daffodils - Meaning and History Meaning & Symbolism
Narcissi or daffodils are undoubtedly one of the most preferred spring flowers when it comes to giving a bouquet or garden presence. Unfortunately, many do not know the history behind these magnificent flowers, nor their meaning as well. Read more about the meaning of narcissi and their origins.  

Purple Hyacinth Image
Hyacinth - Meaning, History and a Few Tips Meaning & Symbolism
Hyacinth (Hyacinthus L.) is one of the most beautiful, most pleasant, most popular spring flowers. From ancient times people have admired its inflorescence with the luster of porcelain, its pleasant aroma. Tales and legends have been created about it and we would like to share a few with you!

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