Most Popular Flowering Tropical Plants

Jul 31, 2023

They are beautiful, perhaps a bit fiddly to grow and you would hardly guess they are tropical plants. You can grow them indoors and they will thank you with a lot of beauty as long as you take care of them regularly. They occur in more than one species of their family. Check out some of the most beautiful tropical flowers to invite into your home.

Blooming Tropical Flowers Image

Blooming Tropical Flowers Image


How To Take Care of a Tropical Plant 

Many exotic house plants originally came from the rainforest. Here the light output is high, but the dense canopy of leaves protects from direct sunlight. Because of this, most tropical plants prefer to be in a very bright place, but not in direct sun. West or east windows and a warm conservatory are usually the best places for tropical houseplants. Since the light emission in our latitudes is quite poor, especially in winter, you should also make sure that the leaves of the plants are kept clean and free of dust.

Dust can be removed from prickly cacti with a brush. Wipe the foliage with a damp cloth. A regular warm shower also removes dust particles from the leaves of tropical plants and also increases humidity. Attention: Several exotic species are less hungry for light and are also suitable for slightly recessed corners in the room or a place near the frosted glass window. These include Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera), phytonia, arrowroot (Calathea), mountain palm (Chamaedora elegans), palm stick (Rhapis excelsa), border fern (Pteris) and moss (Selaginella).

5 Most Popular Excotic Plants For Your Home

Tropical houseplants love a high level of humidity around them, but roots that are constantly wet are a big problem. Although individual plant species differ in their individual water needs, the basic rule is: it is better to water less often, but thoroughly. Epiphytes such as orchids, succulents and cacti are better submerged than poured. It may be one to four weeks before the next watering. Therefore, before each watering, check whether the substrate is dry and if you have doubts, wait a little longer before the next watering. Most tropical plants are very healthy and, with few exceptions, tolerate a dry substrate better than constant moisture. The amount of watering should be significantly reduced, especially in winter or during the rest phase. Attention: some exotic species such as varicocele (Caladia), knight's star (Amaryllis) or some types of cacti are not watered at all during the resting phase in late summer or winter.

Monstera deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa, also called Swiss cheese, originates from the jungles of Mexico. Its oval, ribbed leaves often grow quite large.

Monstera deliciosa likes the sun, so it requires a lot of water, especially in summer. In return, it will beautify the house with its vibrant, elegant leaves, providing a real exotic touch.


They often bloom around the winter holidays with many colors. More than 50 species of the plant are known, with some flowering from spring to autumn, and others beginning their flowering in autumn and resting during the summer months. Loves light and requires frequent fertilizing and watering.


A beautiful plant with multicolored long and hard leaves. They are difficult to grow. They love light, but not direct sunlight. Transplantation takes place in spring. Bromeliad flowers are usually rosettes of colored leaves.


Calla lilies are elegant and sophisticated flowers that are most often part of bridal bouquets. The colors you can find them in are white, pink, cream, red, orange and yellow. The room in which you will grow the calathea should have a moderate temperature and be above 10 degrees. The plant is propagated by seeds or division. Keep the soil moist, and once it blooms it doesn't need to be watered as often.


Strikingly beautiful colors in purple, white, champagne. Loves humidity, light, but not direct sunlight. It is good to transplant the orchid immediately after buying it. Special orchid pots are available. During the warm months, you should water it every week, and during the winter months, once a month.

It is good to moisten its leaves by spraying it with a water sprayer. Orchids are delicate to grow, so make sure to do all of the necessary work for taking care of it.

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