Take Care of The Garden in March

Feb 19, 2022

In March, although it is still winter, we are gradually beginning to fill the spring mood. In fact, some  already imagine the garden painted in greenery and flowers. And this moment is not far away so you should get started and prepare your garden for the upcoming season!

Gardening Image

Gardening Image

What should we do in the garden in March?

You might know that there are exact periods for sowing in open gardens and you should keep attention to those periods. However, it is good to keep in mind global climate change in recent years, as well as to monitor the long-term weather forecast (at least 2-3 weeks ahead) at the moment. In general, the month of March 2022 is pretty warm and provides the needed environment for early preparations. The abundant sun allows working in the garden to be a real pleasure and, moreover, to be sure that what is planted will not freeze. Therefore, people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and like to grow their own food, can engage in active work in the garden. As well as that, here we have provided a few tips for you to help you get the month more exciting.

  • In the flower garden in the second half of the month we should plant the seeds of lobelia, ageratum, petunia.
  • Towards the end of March, weather permitting, we can sow the seeds of poppy, carnation and delphinium.
  • Again, at the end of the month we can release the roses from their blanket and start pruning them.
  • The weather is also suitable for pruning hedges.

Decorative garden

When the weather warms up, the mulch that protects the flowers from frost is removed. It's time to sow annual flowers. In the presence of a warm greenhouse, it can be done at the beginning of the month, and in the absence of such - at the end.

Winter pruning is performed to form deciduous trees and hedges. Mature ornamental trees need thinning pruning and removal of dry branches. Compact the soil around the roots of the flowers planted in the fall.

Hedge planting

The months of March and April are best for creating hedges. It is more economical to buy bare root plants. Most deciduous shrubs can be purchased this way. In a container or root ball, you can buy species such as thuja, yew, laurel, rhododendron, magnolia. Thus, in terms of planting relative to the root system, the plants can be planted all year round (except at negative temperatures). When choosing plants, you can arrange flowering shrubs, red, deciduous, golden and other types of shrubs. If you bet only on the green version, then choose between thuja, laurel, ligustrum. If you prefer flowering shrubs, the choice is great: forsythia, Japanese quince, lilac, yellow cherry. Two varieties of willow with different color of the bark are also interesting - with red and yellow bark. In low hedges flower spots are obtained from red-leaved barberry.
To place the plants in a straight line, we stretch a rope. We dig a ditch, the depth of which depends on the size of the plant. Also, make sure to place the plants at the same distance from each other - for low hedges 10-15 inches apart, and for high hedges - 20-30 inches. Fill the trench, trample with your foot and water abundantly. Prune harder on top, straightening the twigs. This will stimulate the plant to branch. To reduce the development of weeds, pour 2 inches of bark around newly planted plants. This will reduce transpiration.

Indoor and balcony plants

Most of the houseplants this month are still dormant. Water a little and only when the top layer of soil dries. Cyclamen should be watered with lukewarm water only in the saucer and kept in a bright and cool place. And during this month you need to take care of the humidity in the room by placing bowls of water or spraying the plants from time to time.

Flowering clivia, primroses, orchids should be watered with water at room temperature and make sure their soil does not dry out. In March, regularly remove dust from the leaves of plants with a damp cloth or brush and loosen the soil in the pot. At the end of the month, hydrangeas, begonias, fuchsias and passion flowers can be propagated by cuttings. In the second half of the month comes the most favorable period for the propagation of houseplants, which lasts until July.

And lastly, but definitely not least, if you are not the type of person who will sit in the garden to do all this work, we have another solution for you. If you are a plant lover but don’t quite enjoy the whole process of making the whole garden, then you can easily order spring flowers online for your home. Not only that, but you also will be able to give the freshness of the blooms to both your front yard and indoor decor with just a couple of clicks on your phone, tablet or laptop.

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