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Since ancient times roses are associated with love. This association may be a result of the roses’ thorns or maybe because of their beauty, or the combination of both. Bouquet of roses is most often send as a gift during Valentine’s Day or Anniversary. However, you can express your love by ordering roses online just to say “I love you”. We can help you with same day roses delivery that can easily be upgraded with chocolates, fluffy toys or balloons.

Roses: What do the different colors mean?

Red roses

The classic red long stem roses will always project passion and scream “love”. All women envy the one who received the astonishing two dozen red roses bouquet. In fact, the quantity doesn’t matter - just a single red rose can reveal what a thousand words cannot.

White roses

The white rose aka the “bridal rose” is usually used to decorate weddings and other spiritual occasions. Originally, the white rose was the symbol of unconditional love, now, that title is given to the red rose. Some cultures generally associate white rose blooms with mournful moments such as memorials and funerals (see our funeral flowers collection).

Yellow roses

Order yellow roses bouquet online and the recipient will know that you are a true friend that cheers them. Yellow roses can express “congratulations” for a promotion or any other personal achievement.

Pink roses

Pink roses delivery on the same day in the office is a gift of elegance for your sweetheart. The pink rose is the gentlemen’s favorite pick - the pink rose bouquet communicates admiration and affection.

Blue roses

Although blue roses are a bit unusual they can express love in an exceptional way. To start with, they demonstrate that you are not going for the common red rose arrangement instead they expose you as courageous and mysterious. Furthermore, if they’ve ever told you that blue is their favorite color you can easily reveal what a good listener you are by quickly ordering the bouquet of roses online. Blue roses tend to be a symbol of serenity, wisdom, and intellect.

How do we choose the perfect count?

A dozen roses are the most traditional, simple yet elegant way to speak your appreciation and love.

Two dozen roses delivered is one of the most romantic gestures - a terrific Valentine’s Day gift and unforgettable 'just because' choice for any day.

Three dozen roses are the instant key for anyone’s heart. It is a daring move to order the three dozen roses bouquet but once delivered, it leaves mouths agape and it speaks loud - “I love you” and “I want you now and forever”.

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