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The rose is one of the most regal flowers in the plant variety. Even the young kids know that a flower bouquet of roses will symbolize deep love, concentration, intellect, balance, but also passion. It is no coincidence that roses are given as gifts on occasions like Valentine’s day and anniversaries. So if you want to show your significant other that they are cherished and important to you, you should send them a rose flower arrangement right away!

Why Should I Order Flower Arrangements With Roses ?

Since ancient times roses are associated with love. This connection may be a result of the roses’ thorns or maybe because of their beauty, or the combination of both. A flower arrangement with roses is most often sent as a gift for Valentine’s Day or Anniversary. However, you can express your love by ordering roses online just to say “I love you”. We can help you with same day roses delivery that can easily be upgraded with chocolates, fluffy toys or balloons. However, If you have already decided to purchase a rose bouquet online but are hesitant when it comes to the color and its meaning, the following lines are just for you. 

Red roses

The traditional red roses have always been a symbol of love and devotion. Every woman envy the one who received the astonishing two dozen red roses bouquet.
If we need to be honest, who cares about the quantity when just a single rose can reveal a whirlpool of feelings without a single word ? So, if you are about to bet on the classic red rose flower arrangement, The High Style Bouquet may catch your attention. 

White roses

The white rose aka the “bridal rose” is usually used to decorate weddings and other spiritual occasions. Originally, the white rose was the symbol of unconditional love, now, that title is given to the red rose. Some cultures generally associate white rose blooms with mournful moments such as memorials and funerals (see our funeral flowers collection). However, If you have already spent the whole afternoon searching for the perfect mixed flower arrangement with white roses, you can stop wasting your time. We believe that The Cherished Friend Bouquet is the perfect choice for you. 

Yellow roses

Order yellow roses bouquet online and the recipient will know that you are a true friend that cheers them. Yellow roses can express “congratulations” for a promotion or any other personal achievement. Furthermore, yellow roses are common in flower arrangements for baby showers for both genders as well as are usually used in welcome gifts for the happy mom and the new family member. Take a look at our The True Charm Bouquet which is a great example. 

Pink roses

Pink roses delivery on the same day in the office is a token of elegance for your sweetheart. The pink rose is the gentlemen’s favorite pick - this floral bouquet communicates admiration and affection. Here is one of our customers’ favorite flower arrangements with pink roses - The Color Your Day With Happiness Bouquet.

Blue roses

Although blue roses are a bit unusual, they can express love in an exceptional way. To start with, they demonstrate that you are not going for the common red rose arrangement which automatically makes you look courageous and mysterious. Furthermore, if they’ve ever told you that blue is their favorite color, you can easily reveal what a good listener you are by quickly ordering the bouquet of roses online. Blue roses tend to be a symbol of serenity, wisdom, and intellect. In case you are looking for a flower arrangement of blue roses, check Extreme Blue Hues Fiesta Rose Bouquet out.

Rose Flower Bouquet - Meaning & Symbolism

We all know that the rose is the queen of flowers, so you will never go wrong if you give a bouquet of roses to a loved one. In fact, florists claim that different colors of roses symbolize different feelings, emotions and intentions. In the past, giving a rose was not just giving a gift - each rose had a secret meaning that could be used to reveal men's true feelings to their ladies. Roses, as today, symbolize love. But whether it is friendship or romantic love, depends on the color of the bloom itself.
To summarize the above, the red rose has a stimulating effect, symbolizing love and devotion. The purple one has a calming effect and relieves tension. In addition, yellow, which is associated with the sun, improves mood, brings joy and warmth and is the color of communication, activity and openness. Orange rose reveals optimism. Furthermore, green is the color associated with nature and the feeling of calm. Blue roses bring peace while their pink relatives give a feeling of joy. The white rose, on the other hand, means full openness but is often associated with mourning.
Despite all that has been said so far, regardless of the number of stems or their color, the bouquet of roses is a classic in the genre. Such a gesture leaves an unmistakable impression of taste, style and sophistication. In addition to bringing a wide smile to the face of its recipient, a bouquet of roses will adorn their room for a week. In your place, we would not wait any longer to order a flower arrangement with roses

To Whom Can I Give a Bouquet Of Roses ?

The first information about the rose is found in ancient Indian legends. There was even a law - anyone who brought a rose to the ruler of the country could ask him for anything they wanted. Roses were used to decorate the royal rooms, and taxes and fees were paid with them.
During the republic, the Romans considered the rose to be the epitome of strict morality and used it as a reward for remarkable deeds. In this line of thought, there has been a tradition for thousands of years to give a bouquet of roses as a token of praise. Regardless of the color in which these phenomenal blooms are painted, they are a great way to congratulate your daughter on her successful graduation or your wife on her promotion at work. In other words, you can give a bouquet of roses to anyone whose merits deserve admiration and respect. Whether personal, educational or professional, they necessarily need to be encouraged.
And one more thing, do not forget that roses are universal flowers that are present in a number of floral arrangements for both women and men. Although it is generally accepted that flowers are a classic gift for women, remember that a stylish arrangement of roses can be extremely suitable for a man, dear to your heart.

Where Can I Buy Roses Near Me ? 

If you are one of those people who value their time and prefer to spend it having dinner with friends or walking with the children in the park, you are at the right place. Save time and effort and order roses online from TodayFlowerDelivery. The fact that we work with thousands of florists throughout the country allows us to deliver your favorite roses both in the city center and in the most remote corners of different states. With us you can overcome the distance and be close to your loved ones.
In fact, we are always by your side - 24/7 to participate in the preparation of unique surprises that you prepare for your loved ones.
And in order to meet your high expectations and to satisfy even the most demanding customer, we have created this category. In it you can find flower arrangements with roses, standing out among a bunch of other flowers such as lilies, calla lilies or sunflowers. For those of you who want to buy a bouquet made entirely of roses, we have selected ones - in different colors to reveal different feelings.
Last but not least, please note that most of the products on our site have the same day delivery option. If you place an order before noon, you can get your flowers delivered today, whether to the door of your home or to the desk in the office.
You are just a few clicks away from creating a magical surprise with TodayFlowerDelivery, don't forget it!
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