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Carnations convey feminine charm and elegance. What is so great about this flower that it can be given on any occasion. In fact, there is no need to wait around for a specific holiday to arrive. Instead, surprise the dear ones in your life with carnation flower bouquets on a regular day - give them just because flowers without any special occasion on the calendar. Actually, find the most proper carnation flower arrangement that will suit her/his taste and buy it immediately!

What is The Meaning Of Carnation Flower ? 

Many people associate the carnation flower with motherly love. But where does this come from? There is a Christian legend which claims that carnations grew from the Virgin Mary’s tears as she was watching Jesus carry the cross. So, from then on, this flower reminds us of the true mother-child bond and love. 

Besides from this story, each color of these flowers has a different connotation. In the ancient times, the colors of carnations were mainly pink and peach, however, through the times, the variety of hues got wider to red, white, yellow, purple, and even green.

Additionally, choosing a flower arrangement in exact color will transmit a particular massage. It might have a completely dissimilar meaning apart from “mother’s love”. Here are the examples:

  • White carnations symbolize purity and luck;
  • Light red carnations reveal admiration and adoration;
  • Dark red carnations used as a symbol of love and affection;
  • Light pink carnations illustrate gratitude and kindness; 
  • Dark pink carnations - reveal tenderness and fondness
  • Yellow carnations represent disappointment or rejection;
  • Purple carnations express capriciousness (Also, in France the purple ones are used as traditional funeral flowers.)

Pick the right one for you or your recipient and order it now! If you are one of those people who are not sure how to express their feelings, this is undoubtedly an excellent one to do so. Give a bouquet with carnations and let the flowers do the rest!

Browse A Variety of Flower Arrangements With Carnations 

Well portrayed as a tender, brightful and elegant flower, having carnation arrangement is a meaningful and expressive choice. Furthermore, carnations are also referred to as the flower of the gods. Not only that, but for many years now this flower has had an essential role in some rituals in Eastern Europe. It has been put on people’s graves as a symbol of “Always keeping you in my heart”. Besides funerals, a splendid bouquet of carnations can be the perfect gift for Mother's Day and for many others occasions. 

We, from TodayFlowerDelivery, are always here to help our clients while choosing the best flower present. Luckily for you, we prepared a list of 3 different flower arrangements with carnations for some holidays:

  1. With dazzling pink carnations, The Tiny Miracle New Baby Girl Bouquet is a great pick if you want to congratulate the happy parents and their new family member! 
  2. The Precious Heart Bouquet can melt your significant one’s heart. With pretty mini pink carnations, this arrangement grabs all the attention from anyone in the room. Indeed, it makes the perfect gift for Valentine's Day!
  3. Perhaps, if you are looking for a unique present, you might consider sending a flower basket. Choose The Basket of Dreams! It is a glorious combination of purple carnations, light and dark red mini carnations with bold red roses. Undoubtedly, by picking this, you can leave your recipient speechless.

Also, for more options, you can have a look at our collection of flower arrangements with carnations!

The Carnation Bouquet is an Excellent Choice For Any Occasion

Are you looking for a way to surprise a friend, a relative or a partner? Certainly, flowers are the right choice to go if you want to make an impression. Most importantly, all flowers have a particular meaning and their blooms’ color have additional connotations. So, before placing an order, think about what message you want to transmit. You can choose either your recipient’s favorite flowers or the ones that will match their decoration in the house. Yet, both need to be well considered.

If you want to wish somebody a “Happy Birthday!” just send them The Set to Celebrate Birthday Bouquet or The Birthday Brights Bouquet. Definitely, both of them are an excellent way to surprise your loved ones on their special day. Also, each one of those two lovely bouquets maintains gorgeous carnations in different colors. However, putting a smile on your recipient’s face will be the best present ever! Such a tiny gesture can be of a vital importance to your friend, colleague or even neighbor. 

Easily, you can order stunning flower arrangements from our website for any type of occasion. And we suggest getting carnations if you are not sure which flower represents a certain holiday. This is an expressive flower that holds many warm emotions and successfully transfers them to your recipient. 

I’m Looking To Purchase Carnations Near Me

In order to make thе immanigable possible and to deliver directly to your door the freshest flowers on the requested date, we are always around you. You will ask how is it possible? 

To begin with, we work with thousands of small flower shops throughout the country. Also, we collaborate with florists in every state from East to the West Coast so that we can provide you with an excellent set of quality, quantity and a reasonable price.

For example, let’s say your mother lives in Chicago but you are in New Orleans, and you want to congratulate her on her birthday. In this case - order splendid carnations online, and we will take care of the rest. Almost all arrangements in the Carnation Bouquets Collection can be delivered within the same day. Isn’t it incredible? 

Do not hesitate and trust us, and we will make sure that you get an excellent arrangement of carnations at the address you typed in - at a restaurant, hospital, school, shopping center or residential building. Not only do we ship flowers all over the United States, but also we do it fast. This way you can order your carnation flower arrangement at noon and receive it a couple of hours later - another reason to put your faith into us! Don’t miss this chance to delight your recipient with a breathtaking bouquet of carnations with or without an occasion!
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