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TodayFlowerDelivery offers a wide diversity of romantic flower bouquets. Being in the hues of love and passion - red and pink, these products are an excellent way to say I love you with flowers. In addition, you can send your fresh blooms nationwide, to any corner of the country.

How to Say I Love You With Flowers?

There are times when your vocabulary is too poor to describe your feelings in words. There are other cases in which, when uttered too often, the words cease to make sense. And there is a third hypothesis, when you feel like a lump is stuck in our throat and you cannot say what you think. Well, if you are facing such a challenge, flowers are your first aid. You can trust the power and radiance that nature has endowed them with and express your feelings through them. Sometimes giving a bouquet of fresh flowers, you say more than you would say in a thousand words.

Which Are The Flowers That Say I Love You?

I love you. These are the three words that melt the heart of every person and that are delicately hidden in the gestures of the one who loves. If you have decided to say I love you with flowers, then you should know that there are representatives of the floral world who are far more suitable for the purpose than others. We will not surprise anyone when we tell you that the leading position among them is held by the queen of flowers - the rose. Magnetic, majestic and regal, the rose is the traditional symbol of love and is given by old and young around the world. A dozen red roses are a great gift for any day you want to remind a dear one that you love them.


On the other hand, the standard rose’s substitution for romantic occasions like Valentine's Day or your anniversary is red carnation. Apart from participating in a number of flower arrangements together with the roses, it is also present in bouquets on its own, and its low price makes it a particularly preferred gift.


Last but not least, you can say I love you through a bouquet of tulips as well. The red tulip symbolizes true and shared love, which makes it a particularly suitable gift for romantic occasions. Also present in a number of arrangements along with other flowers, the red tulip in union with the red rose is found in the Love Wonder Bouquet, which is one of our most ordered products for Valentine's Day.

5 Reasons to Send Flowers With Love 

  1. First of all, as we have already mentioned, with flowers you can say everything that is difficult for you to say in words. In fact, the language of flowers has existed since the time of the Victorian era, when people communicated with each other in this way. By giving a certain flower in a specific color, they revealed their true intentions.
  2. Second, love is the most wonderful feeling, and the person in love is the happiest person. Winged by the power of love, he/she is ready for any gesture to reveal his/her feelings. At this point, flowers can help you again, and let's not forget that saying I love you with flowers is a gesture that can hardly be ignored or neglected.
  3. Third, actually ordering flowers online from TodayFlowerDelivery to tell a loved one that you love them is not an investment that will affect your budget. The romantic flower arrangements in the category of Love & Romance are affordable because we believe that everyone should be able to say I love you with flowers.
  4. Fourth, if your relationship with your partner has lasted for years and has withstood the vicissitudes of time, then you definitely do not need an occasion to tell your partner that you love them. Whether you last said it an hour or a week ago, you can do it again with a bouquet of fresh flowers. You can be sure that your gesture will be highly appreciated.
  5. The fifth reason why it is worth sending flowers with love is that we must learn to appreciate our loved ones and tell them more often what they mean to us. And to do that, we definitely don't need a special occasion. Don't wait for your wedding anniversary or Valentine's Day to show the other person that you can't live without him. An arrangement with red flowers would do a great job, and remember that most products on our site can be delivered on the same day.

Need Fresh Flowers For a Lover?

If you are currently trying to find suitable fresh flowers to send to your lover, you are in the right place. TodayFlowerDelivery has a rich selection of arrangements with fresh flowers in the traditional colors for the occasion. Of course, as you may have already guessed, these are the red and pink. However, you can send such a bouquet to your girlfriend, as well as to any other woman special to you, to whom you have romantic feelings - your wife or another lady who has recently appeared in your life.

Romantic Flowers For Girlfriend

As for your girlfriend, she definitely deserves flowers. Which woman doesn't deserve it, actually? Surprise her for no reason with a bouquet of pink roses, for example, to demonstrate your affection and passion for her. In addition to being suitable for the initial stage of the relationship, pink flowers are also a suitable gift for a younger lady.


However, if your feelings are strong, you want to confess your love, then you should bet on the bright red flowers. A red bouquet of flowers leaves no room for doubt about your intentions, and your gesture is romantic, gentle and speaks eloquently enough about your sincere love.

Romantic Flowers For Her 

If you have recently met this special woman and you are still in the process of courtship; if you want to say I love you for the first time; if the recipient of the beautiful flowers is your wife, then you should definitely bet on a classy bouquet in red shades. What do you think of The Higher Love Bouquet? The phenomenal combination of red carnations, bright red roses and lilies, delicately arranged in a red spiral vase, would enchant any woman.


So don't wait for a special occasion to say these three magic words and do it today. Choose one of the wonderful romantic flower arrangements from our website and order it with just a few clicks. Keep in mind that we deliver your flowers all over the country. In addition, we provide flower delivery on the same day, which means that if you feel a sudden urge to tell your special one that you love her, you can do it today!


So, how often do you tell your dear one that you love them?

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