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Calla Lilies in a Vase mage
How to Take Care of Calla Lilies
Calla lily, also known as Zantedeschia aethiopica, belongs to the Araceae family, native to South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. This beautiful tube-shaped flower is easy to grow with just a few important planting tips to keep in mind. It is true - taking care of Calla lilies is quite easy for both cultivation and flowering. You can grow potted plants in pots - indoors or outdoors in your garden. They should be on everyone's list of summer flowering bulbs.

Daffodils in the Garden
When To Plant Daffodils Bulbs
Daffodils - these beautiful flowers, will become your pride and will be admirable if you take proper care of them. Here you will be able to find the needed information on how to plant and take care of your daffodils during the different seasons.

Tulip Garden Image
When To Plant Tulip Bulbs
Tulips are loved in France, Denmark, Belgium, but the Netherlands surpasses them all. At the beginning of the 17th century, the country of tulips was overrun by a real "tulip". By this time, many new colors and shapes had already been created. Every breeder strives to create their own, unique tulip, and the prices of bulbs are fabulous - sometimes many times exceed their weight in gold. Nowadays people continue to appreciate the beauty of this stunning flower. Not only that, but many have gained interest in growing tulips themselves and we will help you with that!

March 8
March 8 - International Women’s Day
Every year on March 8 on the streets in many countries you can see men with bouquets of flowers - for the beloved, mother, colleague, neighbor. Women dress festively, smile more than ordinary days, make plans for where they will spend Women's Day. Of course, there are also opponents of the holiday who feel uncomfortable with this planned and expected attention from men. They believe that a woman should be respected and honored not only on March 8, but also on every day of the year. Both sides have their rights. But why is March 8 celebrated as Women's Day and what is the history of the holiday?

Gardening Image
Take Care of The Garden in March
In March, although it is still winter, we are gradually beginning to fill the spring mood. In fact, some  already imagine the garden painted in greenery and flowers. And this moment is not far away so you should get started and prepare your garden for the upcoming season!

Purple Hyacinth Image
Hyacinth - Meaning, History and a Few Tips
Hyacinth (Hyacinthus L.) is one of the most beautiful, most pleasant, most popular spring flowers. From ancient times people have admired its inflorescence with the luster of porcelain, its pleasant aroma. Tales and legends have been created about it and we would like to share a few with you!

poinsettias image
How to Take Care of Poinsettias?
In recent years, the poinsettia has become one of the symbols of Christmas - almost on a par with the Christmas tree. Probably each of us will receive a poinsettia plant for the holiday or at least intend to give one as a Christmas gift. With this article I would like to give you valuable advice on how to care for the plant to make you happy as long as possible. 

Garden Roses Image
4 Plants That Are Perfect For Combination With Roses In The Garden
As it is well known from the child’s book "The Little Prince", roses are very capricious flowers that claim everything that happens around them. However, for home gardening, roses are one of the most desired flowers not only because of their remarkable beauty, but also because of the many advantages of the growing process that remain invisible to the untrained eye. In this article we will not deal with the technology of cultivation, but we will point out four plants that are ideal companions for roses in the garden. 

Tulip Field Image
10 Interesting Facts About Tulips
Tulips are among the most popular spring flowers that adorn both gardens and the home. While enjoying the wonderful saturated colors in which tulips color our day, we decided to look for and share with you a little more interesting facts about this charming flower. See what they are.

Lavender Plants Field During Sunset
Lavender Plant - Care and Medical Properties
Lavender has been known as an aromatic plant since ancient times. Aromatic and unpretentious, lavender is a beautiful flower and herb with recognized qualities. If you have decided to grow this plant in your garden, we have prepared а number of useful tips. Following them guarantees you the presence of a fragrant aroma and beautifully decorated garden in a Mediterranean style. 

Blue Irises Image
Care of Irises - Professional Tips and Advice

One would not argue that the iris is one of the most beautiful representatives of the floral world. With their tall, graceful stems and full of charm and color blooms, irises can captivate everyone’s heart. Professional advice on how to grow healthy and stunning irises in your home and garden, how to transplant, water and fertilize them, will surely be useful to you. 

How to Take Care of a Phalaenopsis Orchid?
Phalaenopsis, which originates from Southeast Asia, the Philippines and Northeast Australia, is the most common genus of orchid to grow at home, and if you follow a few simple rules, these plants can delight you with more than one active flowering per year.

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