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Happiest Holidays Poinsettia
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Happiest Holidays Poinsettia

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Christmas Poinsettia Flower is The Most Traditional Seasonal Plant

Many people may have heard that the traditional colors of Christmas are green and red. But there is an even more important tradition related to this holiday. One of the major symbols of this day is the magnificent poinsettia flower. It is the most famous plant during this season and it is not an accident - this beautiful plant has a lot of meaning. The shape of the poinsettia flower and leaves are sometimes thought of as a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem which led the Wise Men to Jesus. The red colored leaves illustrate the blood of Christ while the white ones represent his purity.


Giving a poinsettia flower as a gift can mean so much to someone. Especially if you cherish this person very much. Simply because the red color shows affection and eternal love. TodayFlowerDelivery provides the finest stalks put in eye-pleasing packaging. We have the Happiest Holidays Poinsettia fitted in a crisp white basket with a splendid festive ribbon in front. Definitely, it would make an incredible Christmas present. Not only can you surprise someone with it, but also it makes a magnificent decoration for the season. Don’t hesitate and order it right now. We ship flowers to any state of the United States even on Christmas!

Different Christmas Flowers and Plants Hold Various Meanings

The closer this season gets, the more people get anxious about choosing the perfect gift. A Christmas flower arrangement absolutely is a must if you want to impress someone. Moreover, to leave a good impression you need to know the different meanings of flowers beforehand. Also, most plants and flowers are usually offered in specific colors for Christmas - red, green, gold and white. To make it easy for our clients, TodayFlowerDelivery will help you the meaning and symbolism of some blooms:

  • Red roses - they are a symbol of love and passion;
  • White roses - the white color gives a sense of purity and admiration;
  • Green roses are associated with luck;
  • Red carnations - the red color is always associated with affection and love;
  • White carnations - their connotation is related with loyalty and chastity;
  • White chrysanthemum will bring only happiness and honesty to their recipient.

If you still believe that this is not enough to be a delightful surprise, we suggest adding an extra to the Christmas floral arrangement. If the lucky recipient has a sweet tooth - combine the flower with a delicious chocolate. Or if they like more unique designs - add a lovely stuffed animal or colorful balloons to the floral gift. Choose the best product and order it now - fast and easy. Use nature's power to create festive mood. 

If You Look For A Christmas Flowering Plant, Choose Poinsettia 

The Aztecs used the plant as a medicine and to produce red dye. The appearance of the flower in the land of the Aztecs is associated with a beautiful Christmas legend. On Christmas Eve, a long time ago, a poor girl wanted to leave a present in front of a statue of Jesus Christ in a small Mexican town. Unfortunately, she had nothing to offer. And then "Jesus will accept any gift, as long as it is from the heart," her father reassured her. Then the girl gathered dried flowers from the field and placed them in prayer in front of the statue of the Savior, and on Christmas Eve the dry bouquet blossomed into large scarlet flowers in the shape of a star. Till nowadays, people still believe this was one of the miracles of this holiday. 

In this line of thinking, nothing describes the whole winter season better than a red magnificent poinsettia plant. Without a doubt, everyone should have at least one flowerpot with it in their home. Don’t wait and get for yourself and your loved ones poinsettia flowers - welcome the festive spirit indoors!

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