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Birthday Cakes of Flowers

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In addition to the traditional bouquets of flowers for birthdays, TodayFlowerDelivery also offers something more unusual - floral birthday cakes. So, think about who will be celebrating soon and organize a phenomenal surprise by sending them a beautiful birthday cake with flowers to their home or office. In addition to being able to deliver your flowers to any part of the country, we also offer same-day flower delivery, in order to reduce your chances of missing a significant holiday.

When Should I buy a Birthday Cake With Flowers ? 

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of getting a birthday cake comes from? Undoubtedly, for many of us, the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning a birthday is everyone's favorite cake with candles.


History tells us that in ancient Greece, people prepared ritual breads which were usually sweetened with honey as a gift to the gods. Lighted candles were placed on the sweetened bread, as fire was considered a means of communication with the gods. According to some, the legend of candles starts from there. Sweet bread, or as we call it cake, had a symbolic character in antiquity. In Rome it was a mandatory part of weddings and other personal celebrations such as birthdays. In fact, candles have another symbolism.


It is believed that when you blow out the flame of a lighted candle, one wish will come true. Modern cakes are believed to have revived in the region of Germany and Austria. It is from there that the tradition of placing candles according to the age of the celebrant begins.


Regardless of traditions and centuries, today the cake is an integral part of our holiday, which gives an even sweeter flavor to our special day.


However, we at TodayFlowerDelivery always strive to be creative and innovative, which is why we present to your attention birthday cakes made with flowers. There are a number of reasons why you can bet on such a gift, but although it is not edible, it is not inferior to the standard cake.


The cakes made of flowers which we offer, have a unique design, are arranged with fresh flowers and last but not least, come with the traditional candles for each cake, which your recipient can blow, making a wish.


It is especially important, however, to note that the birthday cake with fresh flowers is an extremely suitable gift when your recipient is allergic to chocolate, or is diabetic and the sweet is contraindicated for their health, for example. Being floral masterpieces, these products are suitable as gifts for any loved one and especially for those who have an affinity for art and refined taste.


What is so Special About These Birthday Cakes With Fresh Flowers ?

In the above lines we have already mentioned that the flower cake is especially suitable in certain cases. Arriving at the door of your special recipient with candles to blow and make a wish, even from flowers, the cake retains its main function - to be a symbol of this magical holiday. But what makes these cakes so special that in recent years they have been absolute favorites of our customers?


An indisputable dominant among our arguments is that this cake is suitable for diabetics, people with health problems and supporters of sports and healthy eating. A person close to you, for whom sugar is harmful, would appreciate your concern and the fact that you took into account their health and instead of a chocolate cake, you sent them a floral one. And can you imagine the surprise of that friend of yours, passionate about training, for whom carbohydrates and calories are mortal enemies? Such a gesture on your part speaks unequivocally about the attention to detail and the warmest feelings you send with such a gift. Keep in mind that few are able to organize such classy and elegant surprises.


However, in addition to health reasons, we can also point out the originality factor. A birthday cake with flowers beats every bouquet in a vase that you can order, no matter how expensive and sophisticated it is. And isn't it a more sensible option to bet on an innovative gift with a unique design than to re-order the traditional dozen roses, for example?


Last but not least, when ordering a happy birthday cake with flowers, you are actually ordering two gifts in one. This is an optimally reasonable and economical option for those of you who are in a difficult financial situation and cannot afford large sums for gifts and flowers. That is why when sending such a product, you actually give a cake with candles and a flower arrangement at the same time, and the cherry on the cake is that your wonderful surprise will be talked about for a long time! Worth to think about!

TodayFlowerDelivery Offers Designer Floral Birthday Cakes For Delivery Nationwide

In our collection of birthday cakes of flowers, we from TodayFlowerDelivery have placed our best products. By the best products we mean precisely these best sellers who grab the attention of our customers at first sight. Here you can find both birthday cakes with fresh flowers and pieces of cake with a unique and inimitable design. Fresh, colorful and beautifully decorated, they can all be delivered to your special recipient's home or office even on the same day. This means that even if you remembered the birthday of your loved one at the last minute, we are here to save you from the inconvenience. By ordering flowers by noon, we will make sure to deliver them to the address you specified within the same day.


In addition, our rich palette of products can be delivered to any part of the United States. We deliver bouquets of flowers, flower baskets, gift baskets and birthday flower arrangements to every city and state so you can send a magical gift even to those of your loved ones who are far away from you. Locations are also not a problem for us. We deliver your orders to hospitals, schools, university campuses, banks, offices and to the recipients' homes, of course.


There's more. To each of the flower arrangements included in this category, you will have the opportunity to add an additional gift. This can be a box of candy, a teddy bear or a trio of mylar balloons. In fact, whatever add-on you choose, the chances of making a mistake are definitely kept to a minimum. After all, who doesn't like to receive pleasant surprises?

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