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The snapdragon symbolizes impermanence, boisterous and adventurous spirit. When you are giving a flower bouquet with snapdragons, it is usually meant that the giver cannot live without the person to whom the bouquet is given. Undoubtedly, it would mean so much to hand someone I miss you flowers from this collection. If you have that one person in your life who is so important, you should definitely get them a snapdragon flower arrangement delivered

Snapdragon Flower Reveals Its Secret Symbolism 

This flower is hugely popular around the globe and people have been loving it since the days of the Roman Empire. Eventually, snapdragons have become an inseparable part of human mythology with their complex symbolism. They are widely known for having two main meanings. Those meanings are related to the mythical creature they resemble - many liken it to a dragon’s head. Due to the diversity of legends from many cultures, it’s hard to select only two significant meanings, but here are the most common ones:
  1. A snapdragon flower is associated with grace but also with strength because of its ability to grow in rocky areas;
  2. However, in some parts of the world many years ago, the flower was taken as a symbol of deviousness. 
Since this beautiful flower is a symbol for both deception and graciousness, sometimes people have used it as a charm against dark creatures.
Another interesting story tells that during Victorian times, snapdragons were used as messages from lovers. Moreover, they were privately sent so it had become a symbol of secret love. Nowadays, you can send it as an expression of your feelings towards someone. To do so, we suggest ordering Blushing Invitations Bouquet. Its fine blooms and elegant design would definitely win their heart.

Shop Snapdragon Bouquet or With Other Words - Dragon Flowers 

The combination with other magnificent flowers makes the flower arrangement with snapdragons more appealing and complete. Not only that, but also having multiple different flowers will help you to express your feelings accurately. You will be able to do that due to the flower language. Or with other words, this language is based on each flower's meaning and symbolism. So, sending a stunning bouquet with more than one type of flower in it, is like sending them a mini poem filled with positive and lovely messages. 
A bouquet with only snapdragon on its own is known for truth-telling. To be more precise, the exact meaning is that the giver is sorry for making a mistake or expressing true feelings (usually of affection). The pros of sending such an arrangement is transferring a clear message of your intentions.
On the other hand, an arrangement made with diversity of many flowers will express more than one feeling of yours. To make it more clear for our clients, we will give an example: The Best Day Bouquet contains sunflowers, pink roses, orange lilies and yellow snapdragons. And the meanings of all those flowers are:
  • The message behind pink roses is widely popular as elegance and sweetness;
  • The sunflowers are famous for having a positive effect on people and easily making them smile;
  • An orange lily is known for a symbol of devotion and success;
  • And finally the yellow snapdragons which express happiness and overall good fortune.
And then, combining all those fantastic wishes in one, your recipient will be delighted to know that you want only the best for them. 

Which Are The Flower Arrangements With Snapdragons We Offer ?

Even though snapdragons originated in Southern Spain, North Africa and America, in the present you can easily buy it any time of the year from any state of the country. Since this flower is highly appreciated and wanted, we made a short list of best selling products which contains it:
  • The Berry Happy Bouquet - this arrangement is famous for its wonderful aroma and gentle appearance. And if the recipient likes the colors purple and pink, this product will make a great present for them;
  • The Happiness Counts Bouquet - as it is said in its name, this bouquet will definitely make them smile. Also, it has a clean and natural look, so it will be best for someone who likes nature’s beauty;
  • The Season's Sparkle Bouquet - when the holiday season arrives, this arrangement is the perfect gift for your family and friends. It contains the beauty of white snapdragons and rich red roses. Undoubtedly, this combination suits the Christmas holiday and can be a splendid decoration or a heart-warming gift.
  • The Dramatic Effects Bouquet - this bouquet is highly preferred for its unique design and boldness that exudes. We suggest sending this amazing floral arrangement to people you hold close to your heart or when you want to impress someone.

Those are few of our finest products. But we also recommend looking at the other bouquets with snapdragons. Also, make sure that the address for delivery is correct, so your recipient would receive an unforgettable surprise.
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