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Giving a Purple Flower Bouquet - Meaning and Symbolism 

Purple and its variations - violet, light purple and etc. are among the warm colors, although something in it is reminiscent of coldness and reticence. The purple color has a lot of variations and it indicates a person's subconscious desire to be mysterious, enigmatic and elegant.


This color is actually considered to be a favorite color of creative people. Traditionally, such people are delicate, sensitive, subject to the moods of raging emotions, and the spiritual is on a pedestal. So, if you have an artistic or in a way more creative friend, colleague or relative, a purple flower arrangement would be the perfect gift for them. Not only that, but also it will give them an impression that you pay attention to the little details. And with no doubt, this is of vital importance for those kinds of people! For them, choosing purple often means a desire to escape from reality. Furthermore, they find a world of dreams and longings more tempting. Also, they tend to feel like martyrs, different from the others around them. The Angelique Bouquet is a vivid representation of a charming purple bouquet which makes it extra suitable for such personalities. Check it out!


Moreover, purple flowers were really treasured back in time. Due to their rare color, they often were associated with people's wealth. And till now, they still are a symbol of pride, dignity and admiration. Likewise, sending someone a bouquet with purple flowers in it is considered a great honor! And The Beloved Bouquet would be able to express those feelings instead of you! 

When is It Appropriate to Buy Purple Flower Arrangements ?

There is a lot to be said about the sensitivity of those people who fall in love with purple. This is most often explained by the fact that they are closely related to the spiritual side of existence. Because they appreciate the aesthetically pleasing things in life, they would definitely treasure The Garden Walk Bouquet if you surprise them with it! 


In addition, violet color appeared as a result of the merging of red and blue.Also, as it is widely known, this color is a result of combining two completely opposite colors. The power and energy of red are intertwined with the calmness and intelligence of blue. In this line of thinking, a bouquet of purple flowers would be appropriate not only for someone who fancies the color, but also for someone who recently has had a big event going on. For example, The Basket of Dreams is an excellent choice for someone who received a rise in their job, or just moved into a new house.


Therefore, the person who chooses this shade is unlikely to be consistent in his/her opinion. Such a person is most likely to be creative in nature and every moment of their life will be perceived on a different emotional level. For more emotional events such as the birth of a new member of the family, or anniversary, we suggest getting The Lavender Rose Bouquet or The A Splendid Day Bouquet. Those two gorgeous floral arrangements are delicately made by professional florists with the idea to make an impression. 


Don’t think too much while choosing your bouquet, let your intuition lead you!

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