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Sweet 16 Birthday Flowers

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Turning 16 is a special event which need proper celebration. Order stunning fresh flowers for 16th birthday and surprise your loved one with this memorable gesture. TodayFlowerDelivery does flower delivery for birthdays nationwide and what is more, can deliver your flowers on the same day.

Flowers For 16th Birthday are Always a Great Idea

Every woman was a teenager and was acquainted firsthand with the troubles and chatter of this difficult age. Men, on the other hand, have just heard about what happens in life and the thoughts of a young 16-year-old girl. Psychologists claim, however, that this is the first age limit, which, crossing, girls begin to consider themselves more mature and more independent. At the same time, they are still children who need the support and care of their parents. Maybe that's why this age is called the sweet 16, because of the feeling that you are on the sweet border between childhood and adulthood.


If your daughter, niece or granddaughter, for example, is about to turn 16 and you plan to organize a surprising party for her, don't forget to order her flowers. Like any woman, she would highly appreciate the deeply refined gesture. And if you are not among the organizers, but among the guests of the celebration, flowers become an absolute must, something like an entrance pass.


When it comes to the type of flowers you are about to choose, bet on fresh and colorful shades that symbolize carefreeness and youth. Bright colors in pink, yellow and orange, for example, would do a great job. And in order to delight the little girl, who has become a young lady in front of your eyes, you can add to her sweet 16 bouquet a gorgeous mylar balloon. This way the birthday flower arrangement will look even more solemn.

Fortunately, TodayFlowerDelivery offers a variety of products suitable for the occasion, which you can send even within the same day. And if you are worried that the birthday girl lives far away from you, we are here again to deliver the wonderful sweet 16 flowers to her door. Remember that we make deliveries throughout the country, so the distance is not a problem for us.

The flowers look so pretty and the color palettes fit the occasion perfectly!!

- Manuel E.

Brilliant sweet sixteen flowers!

- Chris A.

Stunning sweet 16 flowers and balloons! Thank you for making my daughter so happy!

- Nicola R.

The sweet 16 flower bouquets are lovely!

- Nathaniel D.

This is the most beautiful selection of flowers for sweet 16 I have ever seen online. 

- Macie Tremblay

I ordered flowers for my best friend's 16th birthday from here and they arrived at great quality. Although the enclosure card was a bit wet because of the flowers, everything was perfect!

- Berry I.

When my niece said she want to throw her a thematic birthday party, I started browsing for sweet 16 flowers, balloons and decoration. I am glad I found them so quickly.

- Giovani B.

Since the 16th birthday holds more significance, I wanted to purchase a fancier birthday bouquet. And I was more than happy when I found out that you have a special collection of Sweet 16th birthday flowers ... you saved me!

- Silas Bradtke

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