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TodayFlowerDelivery provides a variety of thinking of you flower arrangements which are available for delivery nationwide. No matter If your dear recipient of whom you are thinking lives in Wisconsin or New Jersey, for instance, we can deliver your flowers to any state in the country. Furthermore, the most of our thinking of you flowers can be delivered the same day, in case you successfully place your order before noon. So, hurry and show them how much you care. 

Order Thinking of You Flowers Online

Quite often we notice people around us looking dreamily at any point in space. It is true that many of the reasons why they do so are probably because they are obsessed with routine issues, but in a large percentage of cases their thoughts are dedicated to someone special to them. Although most of you probably think at the moment that this phenomenon could only occur in a romantic relationship, and most often in the initial stage of courtship, this is not the case. Very often the mother's thoughts are focused on her child, and the children’s - on their parents. Quite often we are worried about someone close to us who is struggling with an insidious disease, and sometimes we are just obsessed with worries about other people's problems.
Although these are quite different hypotheses, they have something in common and this is the way you can show this person that you think of them, namely - by sending them flowers. In these beautifully decorated few stems, your recipient will meet the support he/she needs at this time, realize that someone is thinking about them and send them a pinch of courage in the form of a bouquet of flowers.
As you well know, opinion polls show that a significant proportion of Americans live in cities other than those where their families live. In an attempt to be closer to their loved ones, they send them flowers, gift baskets and organize all sorts of other surprises from a distance - online. In this line of thinking, ordering thinking of you flowers online is a great option to demonstrate your support and care for your loved one, with whom you share hours. And in the end, do you remember an occasion for which flowers are not the best gift?

Which Are The Most Appropriate Flowers For Thinking of You ?

Now that we've explained that showing someone that you think about them can be done with a bouquet of flowers, it's time to discuss what exactly flowers these should be. Most of our customers are unanimous that for them the excellent flowers for a specific occasion are the favorite flowers of the recipient. Thus, knowing that their wife, for example, adores red roses, they order just such a bouquet to make sure that they did not make a mistake with their choice.
However, another large percentage of our customers prefer to seek the opinion of experts in the field of floristics and botany. If you are one of them, then these lines are for you.
Our years of experience and work with clients have taught us that people most often order thinking of you flowers in the purple range. It is true that TodayFlowerDelivery offers a wide variety of flower arrangements in purple, but we decided to investigate the reason for this behavior in more detail. Here is the conclusion we came to. Physiologically stronger than any other color, purple slows breathing and increases the duration of exhalation. Purple flowers, placed into your office or home, slow down and weaken the heart rate, increase the endurance of the heart and blood vessels.
At the same time, they increase the working capacity, improve sleep, stimulate the need for spiritual development.
All these positive effects that the purple color and in particular the purple flowers exert on the human body and mind make the purple bouquets of TodayFlowerDelivery especially preferred. Also, not to be underestimated is the fact that to each of them you can add a box of candies to sweeten your recipient's day, a teddy bear as a symbol of the thousands of hugs you send or balloons as an expression of freedom, free will and carefreeness.

TodayFlowerDelivery’s Top 3 Thinking of You Flower Arrangements

  1. If you are a follower of a more natural look, The Fresh Focus Bouquet will be a great choice for you. Delicately arranged in a wooden basket which creates a feeling of a closeness with nature, this bouquet is one of our best-selling items. This gorgeous combination of white lilies, hot pink carnations, purple gilly flowers, green poms and lavender roses (available only in the upgraded versions) comes to catch all eyes in the room. Being a part of our collection with flowers under $40, The Fresh Focus Bouquet definitely deserves your attention;
  2. The Sweet Devotion Bouquet is another magnificent option you have when you need to send “thinking of you” flowers. The combination of cream roses and violet stock stands out among the background of lush greens. All these stems are beautifully decorated in a lavender glass vase with a diamond pattern which creates an even more fascinating look. Also, a part of our flowers under $40 collection, this purple flower arrangement is suitable for anyone’s pocket;
  3. A nice and more colorful mixture of lavender roses, carnations and traditional daisies delicately stand out among the stems of fuchsia mini carnations, white alstroemeria blooms and green poms. The Purple Pop Bouquet is an excellent choice for our customers on a really tight budget who look for cheap fresh flowers. Starting at only $29.99, this mixed color bouquet will definitely lift up the mood of its recipient.
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