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When Can I Give a White Flower Bouquet ?

A single flower can express respect, attention, love. But in addition to all these wonderful feelings, different flowers symbolize different emotions and special messages. The choice that you make should never be accidental. And, guess what - it is particularly different for white flowers. The reason is that they symbolise emptiness and combination of all colors at the same time. It really depends on the situation. Moreover, you should pay attention also to the type of white flowers you are going to send. 


Usually white blooms are preferred flowers for funerals and weddings. And it is not surprising that they are part of such big spiritual events in everyone’s life. For the white color, life and death are equivalent. The white light is called the world, and the white darkness - the realm of death. In order to be by your side in times of grief and sorrow, TodayFlowerDelivery offers a rich collection of Funeral flower arrangements. We work with local florists who create amazing white floral arrangements. Indeed, every product from our website can be considered a peace of art. 


Of course, it is not necessary to have those occasions, in order to send someone a White Rose Bouquet, for example. In this case, sending white roses means you pay respect to your special recipient. It can also be interpreted as saying “Thank you”. 

Which White Flower Arrangement Would You Recommend ?  

An interesting fact is that in almost all religions and mythologies, the symbolism of the white color overlaps, as it is associated with purity, faith, goodness and justice. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule - some African tribes associate this color with non-existence and fear.  But it is slightly different when it comes to the role of the hue in flower language.


Clearly, when ordering flowers, you should pay attention to their meaning, as they have their own language in which they convey your messages. White colored flowers give most people a feeling of lightness and silence, coolness and light. It is the color of sincerity, the ideal, the imagination and dreams, the symbol of truth and innocence. Unfortunately, if you need flowers for a funeral, we recommend The Peace & Serenity Dishgarden and The In Our Thoughts Arrangement. Both of these products have delicate beauty and are at affordable prices as well. 

On the other hand, if you want to make a marriage proposal and you have already prepared every detail, choose white flowers for your chosen one - they are given as engagement gifts. Great choices to do so are The Lime-Licious Bouquet and The Sweet Perfection Bouquet. They both are arranged by professional florists, who put their heart and soul into them.

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