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Even if you don’t know much about irises, you should keep in mind that they emphasize wisdom and serenity. Every once in a while, it would be awesome to send iris flower bouquets to your family and friends. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but your action will make you closer to those important to you people. Also, those blooms are the most suitable spring flowers to get someone excited so don’t wait around and do it! Don’t forget to order an iris flower arrangement before noon in order to get it delivered the same day!

History, Symbolism and Meaning of Iris Flowers 

This magnificent flower contains a century-old history in its stem and petals. If you are looking for an interesting and charming flower for your recipient, you have definitely found it! Irises were very special flowers to some ancient cultures. Definitely, they were seen as magical and gorgeous art of nature. In ancient Egypt, for instance, it symbolized eloquence. According to a Christian tradition, the iris embodies the sufferings of Christ and therefore is often grown in monasteries and churches. Furthermore, In Japan, this flower is considered a symbol of the military spirit because of its upright leaves which look like swords. Those and many other legends about the irises are widely spread around the globe.
In addition, the iris is a universal flower and can be given to both the beloved woman and a young girl. Also, a bouquet of irises can be easily presented to a man. Since old times, people have used flowers to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas. Now, many give them as present, only partially understanding the message they are sending. Being a symbol of faith, power, victory and conquest, the iris is also believed to guard against evil spirits. The ancient Greeks named this flower after the messenger of the gods, who guides the souls of women and girls in the underworld. Even today, many Greeks place irises on women's graves.

Iris Flower Bouquet - Colorful & Innovative Way To Send a Heartwarming Message

This eye-capturing flower has an unique shape and scent. A bouquet with such dazzling blooms can make anyone smile. The Color Your Day With Tranquility Bouquet and The Pure Perfection Bouquet are great examples of the loveliness they hold!
Not only is it a flower full of mystery and secrets, but it is also known for its positive effect on people. Moreover, the color of the blooms has a vital role for the message that you want to be delivered. But don’t worry, we made a list with the most popular irises’ hues and their meaning in the language of flowers:

  • Purple irises have a sense of royalty and wisdom. In the past this color could be found only among the royal family. Such flowers nowadays people send to someone who they cherish very much.
  • Yellow irises symbolize devotion and passion. This flower is used in Congratulations bouquets. So if you want to do so, find a gorgeous bouquet with yellow irises in it!
  • Blue irises mean faith and hope. Many people like to send an arrangement with them in order to show support for their family and friends.
  • White irises are associated with health and purity. Surely, you can find the white variation in weddings and many more official events. Also, the iris is the 25th wedding anniversary flower.

Choose And Order Now a Flower Arrangement With Irises 

Whatever the occasion is, a stunning flower arrangement with irises would suit it. Furthermore, the recipient will be delighted to receive such a pretty gift. Certainly, this will leave a positive impression on them. 
But if you are still wondering if this is the flower you need, TodayFlowerDelivery will help you make the right choice. Perhaps, if you are looking for a birthday surprise, keep in mind that the iris is the February birth flower. Of course, you can send it any time of the year, but for those born in the second month, it will have a special meaning. As an example, The Sincere Respect Bouquet has an unique design and it is a perfect way to surprise a loved one who is about to celebrate in February.

Probably only a few know what the actual meaning of a bouquet with irises is - "Your friendship means a lot to me"! So don’t wait and send to your besties such a wonderful message right away. TodayFlowerDelivery works with florists all over the United States, so the distance between you and the recipient won’t be an issue. Moreover, the flower arrangement will arrive with the freshest blooms that will last for more than a week. So, pick an astonishing bouquet with irises from our website and make a loved one happy with such a simple gesture!
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