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5 Reasons to Order a Blue Flower Bouquet From TodayFlowerDelivery

All types of flowers hold particular meaning. Despite their sort, the color also contributes to their connotation. Having all that in mind, the flower language seems even more important while choosing a present for someone. Also, it can be used when you want to decorate your lovely home or simply want to bring a cozy atmosphere in it. 


Indeed, blue flowers are not so often seen in bouquets, but actually they are able to transport your feelings accurately. Due to their rather rare appearance, a bouquet with blue flowers would appeal more to the recipient. Not only that, but there are even more reasons to order such a floral arrangement. And TodayFlowerDelivery would like to present you 5 of those reasons to target blue blooms:


  1. Blue flowers contribute cool and calm beauty to the floral arrangement they are placed in;
  2. Indeed, it is a unique color. And if you want to impress a person, you should definitely choose a blue flower arrangement. Check out The Free Spirit Bouquet, for instance;
  3. It can be sent as a gift for more significant occasions because blue is associated with royalties.It is a great way to show them respect - simply as a symbol of gratitude. And The Sincere Respect Bouquet is perfect for such occasions;
  4. The color can calm someone, who recently fell down. Simply because people associate the color with ocean or sky - places that express freedom and infinity. To make someone feel delighted, we recommend Healing Love Bouquet. You can send it “just because” to someone in order to make them smile;
  5. Due to its calming effect on people, a blue flower wreath is suited for funeral or sympathy events. The Sweet Peace Bouquet is a great example.

What Symbolism Does Any Blue Flower Arrangement Hold ?

The symbolism of the different colors was born from the associations people make when they look at them and feel a certain way.  Since back then, the color blue is cold according to the artists, but the connection that the majority makes when they look at it, is not for something cold and unpleasant. Actually, most often it is associated with the sky, the sea, with purity, air, freedom and truth. 


Of course, different shades have different associations and symbolism, but the sky and water are always the first symbols to think of. And it goes almost the same for flowers. Definitely, blue flowers are able to create an unforgettable impression on the recipient. For instance, The Faithful Guardian Bouquet can be sent as a “Thinking of you” bouquet. And there is no need to worry, your message will be perfectly conveyed. This only could be done by the blue sparkling petals of the flowers contained in it. 

Even if the bouquet is not all blue, a small blossom in this color could make a vital difference! If you are still hesitant about that, in this collection, TodayFlowerDelivery presents you many blue flower arrangements which will make you change your mind. Giving blue flowers is appropriate If you want to reveal a secret, to wish someone to get well soon or for occasions of grief. Yet, you should notice that the light blue flowers are one of the most preferred for new baby boy flower arrangements. So such a little detail as a blue bloom would be the perfect final touch for any bouquet.

Blue flowers have this cool aura around it. I really like the selection of blue bouquets that you offer!!

- Judah Y.

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