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Pay tribute to the deceased ordering a spray of flowers for funerals from TodayFlowerDelivery. In this selection, you may find funeral sprays in various colors and in a different price range. So, opt for the most suitable for you and send it today to be delivered to any location within the United States.

How to Choose Spray Funeral Flowers ?

Among the large range of products we offer, you will surely find the most appropriate for you. However, as our main goal is to ease your choice, we are about to make a brief distinction.

On the one hand, depending on their color, our funeral flower arrangements are divided into several categories. If you are familiar with the symbolism of colors and intend to express your inner emotions through it, choose a funeral spray in the particular color. Of course, it is important to mention that not every shadow is suitable for every occasion. For example, you can order a standing funeral spray of red flowers for a person you were sincerely in love with or for a loved one who has dedicated his life to his homeland.

On the other hand, no less important is the division of our products into such that are suitable for men and others - for women. For example, we can point out the classic distinction between the colors for both genders. While blue is associated with masculinity and considered a typical boyish color, pink is extremely suitable for young girls.

However, if the science of colors is not among your strengths, betting on the classic white funeral flowers is an optimally good option, whether the deceased is a man or a woman. 

Flower Spray For Funeral - Symbolism & Meaning

Along with funeral flower wreaths, standing sprays are among the most preferred products for these gloomy occasions. However, only few are aware of the deep symbolism which this type of flower arrangements bring. 

To start with, in many countries teachers teach their students to stand up when an authoritative person enters the classroom as a sign of reverence. 

Furthermore, during concerts, operas and theatrical performances the audience gets up to applaud the artists, in order to demonstrate respect for their art and talent.

Last but not least, all around the globe, it is generally accepted that when a superior military man passes by, his subordinates stand peacefully to pay their respects to him.

To sum up, what all these gestures have in common is that staying right is an expression of respect and esteem for those who deserve admiration for the deeds done. In order to express this symbolism, the flower sprays for funerals are placed on a stand or an easel to stay upright - as a sign of recognition and homage to the deceased. As all the mentioned pros make this type of arrangement an excellent choice for funerals, TodayFlowerDelivery has selected some of their most wanted sprays into this collection. Although different in color, arranged by different types of flowers and of different value, each of the products in our category is ready to reveal your grief and deep condolences for both the deceased and their family.

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