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Being able to be placed on any surfaces and on the floor as well, sending a basket of flowers for funerals is an excellent way to reveal your gratitude and honor to the deceased in their last minutes. TodayFlowerDelivery offers flower baskets which can be delivered to any location nationwide by a local florist.

7 Reasons To Purchase Basket of Flowers For Funeral

Among the hundreds of funeral flower arrangements that TodayFlowerDelivery offers, you can find wreaths, sprays, urn flower arrangements and flowers for caskets. Apart from them, however, a large percentage of our customers choose to order a basket of flowers to be delivered to the church or funeral home. Here is what makes these products so popular:

  1. Made of wood, the baskets symbolize the closeness to nature and the continuous cycle of life;
  2. Extremely comfortable to place on chests of drawers or tables, take up less space which is useful for optimizing space;
  3. Unlike sprays and wreaths, they are a more unusual, yet proper way to express your sincere condolences;
  4. Unlike bouquets, on which you need to monitor the water level in the vase to keep them fresh as long as possible, in the baskets flowers are attached to a sponge soaked in water as a guarantee of maximum durability;
  5. Unlike sprays and wreaths, which require more time to be made, flower baskets can be ordered with the same day delivery option. A few hours later, they will be delivered by a local florist to the requested address;
  6. Apart from funeral homes and churches, the basket is a good way to express your deepest condolences to the bereaved relatives by sending it to their home;
  7. A basket full of flowers reminds of two hands holding a heart, creating a feeling of giving unreserved and endless love to the deceased.

How To Choose a Flower Basket For Funeral ?

Choosing a funeral flower basket can be a complicated and long-lasting process. In order to save you time and hesitation, based on our many years of experience, we have developed a few steps to follow when ordering a flower basket online.

To start with, set your budget. 

If you are sending flowers on your behalf and you would not want to spend fabulous amounts of money on flowers, then you should better bet on some of some of our not so expensive options. On the other hand, If  you share the cost of the blooms with someone else, you can afford one of the more expensive floral baskets.

Secondly, choose the most appropriate color. 

We usually advise our customers to choose the color of the basket depending on the deceased. For example, if you choose flowers for a deceased woman, dear to your heart, bet on a warm palette, choosing pink or purple. For a man, on the other hand, traditional white or blue is more than an excellent choice.

Last but not least, you should consider the deceased's preferences. 

It would be difficult for you to do this if the deceased is not so close to you. In case this person was a loved one, it is a proper way to say goodbye with their favorite flowers. By the way, gladioli, roses and calla lilies are among the most preferred stems for funerals.

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