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Happy Anniversary Flowers

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Flowers for anniversary of marriage

While there are many types of anniversaries this floral category will focus on “Wedding Anniversaries”. Even though some people don’t believe in the magic of the anniversary it is something special. We, at TodayFlowerDelivery, believe that the day of the anniversary is the perfect opportunity to send them a gorgeous anniversary bouquet.


Why send anniversary flowers online?

Nowadays, people neglect the idea of celebrating anniversaries as a memorable occasion. This is sad. Unfortunately, our busy everyday life leaves us with no spare time to make the other person feel significant. By providing you with a quick and easy solution - an online flower delivery, we can help you to avoid an embarrassment. Just by a few mouse clicks or taps on the screen, you can order anniversary flowers for her or for him.

Choose TodayFlowerDelivery to assist you in organizing the surprise!

You ask yourself why choose us? To start with, when you order anniversary flowers you will be able to select the exact day for delivery. Vital for our success and for your peace of mind is the same day delivery of flowers and gifts. Moreover, we offer a great selection of anniversary bouquets, anniversary floral baskets, and gifts.

Next, make the wedding anniversary flowers special.

You can individualize your gift by adding anniversary-themed enclosure card with a custom message that you can type yourself. The best part of it is - it’s totally free! In other words, we will not charge you a penny for the enclosure card!

You can add balloons, chocolate, and stuffed animals!

Just a piece of advice - you can easily include “Happy Anniversary” mylar balloon to your order. To further the uniqueness you can order a box of chocolates to be delivered along with your floral arrangement. Although it may be perceived as “childish” the fluffy teddy bears expose your genuine love and pure emotions.

Choosing the best anniversary flowers by year

Don’t know what type of flowers are appropriate for exact anniversary? We are here to help you. It depends on the year of the anniversary, so here’s a short list of flowers that would speak the best for each special occasion.

  • 1st anniversary - Carnations. Those flowers symbolize passionate love and commitment.
  • 2nd anniversary - Lily of the valley. They stand for devotion, signifies the purity in a relationship.
  • 3rd anniversary - Sunflowers. Symbolic of warmth, loyalty, and love that a couple shares.
  • 4th wedding anniversary - Hydrangea. Hydrangeas spell appreciation for one another.
  • 5th anniversary - Daisy. Signify a special bond and romance between the couple.
  • 10th wedding anniversary - Daffodils. A reminder of the simple everyday joys partners share.
  • 15th anniversary - Roses. An everlasting symbol of love and romance.
  • 25th anniversary – Bluebells. The blue color stands for someone who is loyal, reliable, and faithful.
  • 30th wedding anniversary - Iris. Symbol of evergreen love and long-lasting marriage.
  • 40th wedding anniversary - Lilies. Evokes emotions of devotion and pride.
  • 50th anniversary flowers - Yellow roses and violets. These flowers represent love, faith, and humanity.
  • 60th anniversary - White roses as a symbol of true love. In this sense, white represents unity, virtue, and pureness.

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