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You can never go wrong when opting for the classic. Order white flowers for funerals and send them to any funeral home, church, cemetery or another address. Not only that TodayFlowerDelivery offers a variety of white flowers for this particular occasion, but also we deliver them nationwide.

7 Reasons To Buy White Flowers For Funeral

If we have to describe in a few words white flowers, they would be - grace and style, established over the years. Being an eternal standard of elegance, in front of them all words are superfluous. And all the ink in the world will not be enough to list all the positives of this magical gift of nature, but we will try to present you the most significant among them:

  • This is the color of sincerity, a symbol of truth and repentance;
  • White funeral flowers embody the path of the deceased’s soul in search of forgiveness, harmony and peace of mind;
  • In the folklore of dozens of nations around the world, white flowers are a symbol of innocence;
  • In the Christian religion, white is a fundamental color - the holy spirit is depicted as a white dove, and Jesus' clothes are snow-white, illuminated by heavenly and divine power.
  • In Islam, Moses is associated with the color white - this is the color of the occult, of the inner light, of the sacred secret;
  • Generally, the white flowers for funeral speak for pureness, faith in goodness and justice;
  • In almost all religions and mythologies, white flowers illustrate the victory of good over evil and the coming of heaven on earth.

Different Types White Funeral Flower Arrangements 

If you are still hesitant about choosing an arrangement, but have opted for white, we are here to ease your choice. TodayFlowerDelivery offers a wide variety of funeral sprays, wreaths, funeral flower baskets and casket arrangements, all made of fresh white flowers. Besides the traditional white roses, gladioli and lilies, we have numerous options with chrysanthemums, carnations, tulips, asters and many other representatives of the floral world. 

Furthermore, if you think that white is not enough to express your innermost emotions and you find the symbolism of blue color appropriate for the occasion, order blue and white funeral flowers

On the other hand, If you look for a combination of white and another color, purchase pink and white funeral flowers and you will have them delivered on time for the service at the funeral home. 

Yet, all of the mentioned options above are carefully selected to meet your high expectations for the occasion. Check them out in our White Funeral Flowers Collection.

White Roses Funeral Flowers

In Christendom, the white rose is most often associated with the Virgin Mary and her immaculate conception of the holy son. This is why the white rose reveals innocence and purity as well as reverence and a new beginning.

Although there are countless occasions on which you can give white roses, due to their close connection with spirituality and integrity, the white rose is an extremely suitable funeral flower. In combination with lilies or gladioli, for instance, it becomes a great way to pay honor and respect to both the deceased and the grieving ones.

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