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The lily is an incredibly beautiful flower and it makes the perfect present for someone who brings you happiness in your life. Lilies symbolize chastity, virtue, the birth of new life, purity and knowledge. From many old stories it is known that the flower bouquets of lilies are associated with devotion and friendship that make them the best birthday flowers! Don’t hesitate and get a floral present for those important people in your life!

Flower Arrangements With Lilies - Top Pick For Any Occasion

Due to their innumerable variations of colors and the symbolism that lilies carry, they are an excellent choice for any occasion. Their charm and great vision make them preferred in bouquets and flower arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and weddings. In fact, lilies are one of those flowers that you can give in any color for any occasion with minimal risk of making a mistake. However, if you are looking to order a flower arrangement with lilies, you have come to the right place. In the following lines you will find more information about the meaning of different types of lilies, as well as selected bouquets of lilies, which we can deliver to a requested address. Today!

Buy a White Lilies Bouquet For a Wedding

Due to an old legend when the tomb of the Virgin Mary was visited three years after her death, it was empty. The only things left inside were the magical white lilies.

In addition, the ancient Greeks and Romans placed white lilies in the decoration of brides as a symbol of fertility. The Egyptians saw the lily as a symbol of life, and the Romans saw it as a symbol of hope. Archaeologists have found ornaments in the tombs of the pharaohs with white lilies. The earliest known record, however, was discovered in the early 20th century during excavations at the palace of King Minos in Knossos on the island of Crete.

Whether they are lilies, calla lilies, roses or chrysanthemums, white flowers always radiate grace, splendor and sophistication. However, white lilies are among the most elegant representatives of the flower world, which makes them especially preferred for formal occasions such as engagements, weddings as well as for funerals and memorial services.

However, the modern American is accustomed to breaking stereotypes, relying on the unconventional. This is the most probable reason why many customers choose to order a bouquet of white lilies as a Happy Birthday gift for their relatives, as a home decoration or as a gift which says "get well soon". In case you have an occasion to order flowers, bet on a bouquet of white lilies and impress your special recipient with your refined taste.

A Red Lilies Bouquet is a Classic For Thanksgiving

The red lily often bends its head down. According to a legend, this flower was originally white. When Christ passed through the Garden of Gethsemane on his way to pray, the flowers bowed in awe. The lily itself knew it was exquisitely beautiful, with a powerful scent and wanted to be noticed by Christ as he walked through the garden. To its surprise and shame, he stopped and stared directly at its bloom. The lily flower was suddenly ashamed of its own pride and arrogance, blushed red, and bowed its head. As of this day, this is the way the red lily presents itself.

So, the red lily seems to be ashamed as it sends off summer and invites autumn to come. If we turn our backs on the symbolism, these flowers are constant in most bouquets for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but despite the traditional fall holidays, they can also be a great gift for any birthday at this time of year.

If, for instancer, you have relatives born in the last days of September, they would definitely appreciate the meaning and symbolism of a flower arrangement with red lilies. At this time not only comes the autumnal equinox, one of the two days of the year when day and night equalize, but it is also time to take stock of everything we have managed to accomplish by the third quarter of the year. So, who is about to celebrate in September ?

A Yellow Lilies Bouquet is a Great Option For Any Autumn Celebration

Legend has it that the creams were originally yellow. One day, while the Virgin Mary was going to the temple to worship, she bent down to choose one of the colors. But when she touched it, the color changed to pure white. Joseph, who was walking with her, also saw this miracle, and his men began to pick bouquets of white lilies.

White or yellow, lilies are so magnetic that sometimes intoxicated by their divine scent, we forget to notice what color they really are.

Nowadays, the yellow lily is present in more and more flower arrangements, but it is most common in bouquets for holidays such as birthdays and baby showers. Radiating festivity, upliftment and joy, the yellow lily is no less captivating than its white relative.

Returning to the traditional, however, yellow is one of the symbols of autumn. Together with the red and orange colors, the yellow one symbolizes the onset of the third season of the year, which captivates us with its charm. And since the lily usually blooms in spring to delight us until early autumn, many customers and botanists are aware that the last days to enjoy these beautiful flowers are in October. So, if you have an occasion to send your loved ones a bouquet of yellow lilies or just want to invite the fall into your home, order one of these magical flower arrangements.

What Is The Hidden Meaning Of The Lily Flower ?

The other name for lily flower is "Star of the Earth", although some call it cream. A legend tells that at the moment when shooting stars touch the earth's surface, they turn into flowers. And these flowers are lilies. Others believe that lilies were born from drops of breast milk of the goddess Hera, and others say that the cradle of Moses was located in a garden of lilies.In Ancient times, a lily flower was given to a beloved woman as a sign of love. Foreign envoys always offered this flower to the ruler as a sign of obedience and good wishes.

In addition, the Lily Cycle is a symbol of the resurrection, this is where lily’s connection with Easter comes from - a seemingly lifeless and ugly bulb is buried in the ground, and later reborn as a huge and beautiful white flower. Its snowy white color symbolizes the purity of Christ and the joy of the resurrection, while its trumpet shape symbolizes the trumpet of the angel Gabriel and the call for rebirth.

Yet the role of the lily in Christianity does not stop there. It is said that when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, Eve repented and wept. From these tears grew lilies.

Except for its popularity in the Christian culture, the lily flower is also popular in ancient Jewish civilization being mentioned in both the Old Testament and the New one.

Purchase A Bouquet Of Lilies From TodayFlowerDelivery

As already mentioned, TodayFlowerDelivery offers a wide variety of bouquets of lilies for every occasion. In case you are wondering what makes our lily flower arrangements more special, the following lines are just for you.
To start with, we work with a wide network of local florists throughout the country. This allows us to always be at your fingertips in order to meet all your needs and special requirements. In addition, working with small flower shops in different states, we strive to encourage small businesses and local florists who prepare beautiful flower arrangements especially for you. 

Another reason to order a flower arrangement with lilies from us is that all bouquets on our website are reasonably priced. On the one hand, if you have a higher budget, you can choose to order some of the more upgraded versions of your flower arrangement. On the other hand, in case you don't have a lot of money for flowers, but you have to order for some reason, you can find a bouquet of lilies at TodayFlowerDelivery even at prices from $30. Here are some of the most affordable ones:

Last but not least - we offer same day delivery. What does that mean? This means that in case you forgot the birthday of a loved one or want to apologize to your girlfriend, or your family has grown with a new member and you need flowers immediately, we cover you. No matter where your special recipient is, we will deliver your chosen flower arrangement with lilies to them within hours. By sending flowers the same day, you significantly reduce the chances of missing a significant occasion, which you will later regret.

Looking For Something More Special - A Pink Lily Bouquet ?

After talking about the other colors of lilies, it was time for a particularly special one - the pink lily. In case you have spent the last 15 minutes looking for a suitable bouquet of pink lilies on the Internet, we sincerely hope that with us you will find what you have been searching for.

Given the fact that the pink lily symbolizes deep affection, love and devotion, a pink lily bouquet is a great gift for anniversaries. In recent years, however, pink lilies have been one of the most common substitutes for classic Valentine's red roses. This trend further confirms the general opinion of both amateurs and professional florists that the lily is not inferior to the "queen of flowers" - the rose.

Apart from love and affection, however, the pale pink lily is also used as an expression of integrity, purity and innocence. These qualities make it an especially suitable gift for girls and young ladies. Give a bouquet of pink lilies to your daughter on her graduation day or to your younger sister in order to congratulate her on her new job.

Finally, don't forget the youngest ladies - the newborn baby girls. Florists love to put the fragrant and gorgeous pink lily in colorful flower arrangements for baby showers and for a new baby. So, stop hesitating and welcome the lucky mom and her little princess into this world with a beautiful bouquet of pink lilies.
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