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What is so Special About Ordering a Pink Flower Bouquet ?

Pink is one of those colors that has countless opposite meanings. Pink dreams and Pink glasses - sustainable expressions in which color is a symbol of coming out of reality, synonymous with impracticality. And some of those meanings are sealed in pink flowers as well.


Also, a few people know that pink is not really a stand-alone color, but a combination of red and white, a color that can be described more as a shade. It is believed that pink combines the energy of red and the serenity of white. So when you make plans on surprising a special one with a lovely pink bouquet, you should keep in mind that you mix the symbolisms of the mentioned flowers. The white flowers, on the one hand, are connected with honesty and purity, while a bold red rose, for instance, has a connotation of love and burning desire. And honestly, to give a pink floral arrangement to someone as a gift, is the best choice. If you take a look at The Simple Perfection Bouquet, you will be assured of our statement. Especially if you want to send it to a special woman in your life! Since pink represents femininity, every lady would be delighted to receive such a magnificent present. 


Don’t look any further and pick your arrangement of pink blooms from our website. With us, you can also send it to your family, friend or beloved one even in another state. The distance won’t be a problem!

On What Occasions Can I Give a Pink Flower Arrangement ?

As it was mentioned in the previous paragraph, the pink color has more than one meaning. So, we will break down those meanings by the exact shade of the blooms. Since there are three main categories, shall we get right to it?


  • Bright pink, also known as cyclamen, is considered a youthful color because it is fun and exciting. The Big Hug Bouquet and The Pure Perfection Bouquet are splendid representations of this type of arrangements. Certainly, those two products would suit a young lady’s taste. It might be for her birthday, for a graduation or simply “Just because”. But for sure your feelings will be conveyed with either one of them;
  • Baby pink is undoubtedly the most sensual color, it is widely used in the design of wedding decoration or a new baby congratulation gift. This soft color has a mesmerizing effect on people’s minds. It makes you feel light and relaxed. And if you have already approved the idea of this sensation, you should definitely check The Pink Rose Bouquet and The Festive Big Hug Bouquet. Also, if you want to congratulate the lucky parents with flowers for the new baby girl, we recommend The Tiny Miracle New Baby Girl Bouquet!
  • Coral pink, which is a combination of orange and pink, symbolizes energy, warmth, mood, but also warning. In recent years, it has become more than successful in the fashion industry. In the floral arrangements, this color can be seen in numerous products from the categories “Mother’s day” and “Get well soon
  • Mixed bouquets - when you have more than one shade of the pink color. This combination is the best for Valentine’s day or an anniversary! Simply because it collects all positive sensations of affection and adoration. The Sweet Beginnings Bouquet, The Graceful Grandeur Rose Bouquet and The Pure Romance Rose Bouquet are some of the options you can choose from TodayFlowerDelivery

    Order the one you like right away and send it directly to a beloved person. Undoubtedly, your gesture will be appreciated!

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