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Totally stunning, stylish and elegant, white flower bouquets are a perfect choice for any special occasion. If you have decided to surprise a loved one on their birthday with white stems, send them an arrangement with white birthday flowers. Beautifully arranged by a local artist, your floral masterpiece can be delivered today wherever where your special recipient is. 

Elegant and Sophisticated - Order Happy Birthday White Flowers 

You are looking for a stunning flower arrangement to give someone for their birthday. And you find it difficult to choose between many colors and types of flowers. Well, this is a problem that many people face while picking the right floral present. In most cases, many tend to avoid purchasing white flowers for this occasion because they think that white color equals no color which leads to no emotion in their gift. And this is just not correct! In fact, if you send Home Sweet Home Bouquet to your friend, sister or anyone who has a birthday, they will highly appreciate it. This is due to the effect this color has on people. White controls the functions of the endocrine and visual systems - it makes things look softer and pure. Moreover, this quality of white helps people to feel lighter while staring at it. Not only that, but also white color helps to eliminate stiffness. In Christianity, white is a symbol of faith, purity and truth.


Since this color is associated with being clean and precise, a white bouquet with simple design is seen as an elegant way to convey your warm feeling towards them. Following this etiquette,  The White Rose Bouquet would be the perfect birthday present for someone you cherish but also respect. Indeed, such a gift is mostly appropriate for your mother, grandparents, teacher or a lovely neighbor.


Don’t hesitate, because a white flower arrangement can be more expressive than a colorful one. Just pick the one that grabs your attention - trust your intuition!


White Birthday Flowers and Their Meaning 

Well, after picking your color to be white, you also need to know what meaning each type of white flower has. In general, white is a symbol of social harmony and peace. The color is  bright, radiant, transparent - it brings joy, peace and satisfaction. It is also interesting how the French anthropologist Victor Turner associates color with people's social experience. According to his theory, white means the seed, the union between man and woman, as well as breast milk and the sacred bond between mother and child.


White characterizes perfection and completeness, demonstrates the absolute and final solution, complete freedom of opportunity and removal of obstacles. Its fundamental quality is equality, as it includes all colors. It always helps to inspire someone's faith! Definitely, it is a great color to have around you. And it is an excellent color to wish someone “Happy birthday” with! Also, to make sure that your message is accurately delivered, TodayFlowerDelivery made a short list of white flowers and their exact meaning. That way, our clients would be able to understand all the little details in our birthday floral arrangements:



With no doubt, your warm wishes and intentions will get to them, so all you need to do is to pick the one that describes how you feel and what you want them to feel. Moreover, we work with professional florists who know how to capture all those feelings in a single bouquet. Just make sure the date and address are correct, and leave the rest to us!

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