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What Does Giving a Yellow Flower Bouquet Mean ?

Many sources claim that yellow flowers should never be given on any occasion. Back a few centuries ago, it was believed that those flowers symbolize separation, sorrow. But from ancient times to the present day, many people started to think that the yellow flower is a symbol of the sun, happiness, wealth and joy. And for the past decades, bright yellow flower bouquets became very popular. And such a bouquet today would rather be considered a wish for longevity and happiness. The Spirit of Spring Basket is a great example of splendid bright arrangements with yellow blooms.


Definitely, it is an awesome present to a significant someone. To someone you want to cheer up or symply to surprise them “just because”. In order to illustrate it better for our clients, here we want to present you The Sun Blushed Rose Bouquet. Not only is it a lovely flower arrangement, but the yellow roses directly say “I hope you have a bright happy day”. So don’t hesitate to send it to that one special person.


What is more, since the belief that yellow means a "harbinger of separation" was broken, it received a wonderful new one. And now, it actually presents the exact opposite - It symbolizes friendship and warmth love. Undoubtedly, The Perfect Harmony Bouquet catches those messages. So why don’t you surprise a dear friend with this gorgeous bouquet of sunflowers?

5 Excellent Reasons to Purchase a Yellow Flower Arrangement 

The symbol of yellow is the Sun, the source of heat and light, without which life on Earth is impossible. The yellow color fills the atmosphere with positive energy. To help you find a proper flower arrangement with yellow flowers for specific occasion, we have prepared a short list to guide you:


  1. Nowadays, this color is becoming a trend in the flower-delivery business. So it would make an amazing birthday gift for someone special. The Birthday Brights Bouquet is arranged by the hand of a professional florist so the recipient would receive a piece of art!


  1. Literally, it can brighten up someone’s mood for the whole day! And TodayFlowerDelivery suggests surprising a friend, relative or the neighbour with The Light & Lovely Bouquet. It is perfectly decorated with the idea to color someone’s day!


  1. It is a perfect way to send a “Get well soon” message to a friend, colleague or family member. Great product from our collection to send in such a situation is The Uplifting Moments Basket.


  1. Due to the lightness of the color, you can order a bouquet all in yellow without worrying if it’s enough. The boldness those flowers hold is marvelous. Check The Perfect Sun Bouquet to see it yourself!

The light shades of yellow are associated with hope and wish for good fortune. That’s why bouquets with light yellow blooms are perfect for a new baby. The Tiny Miracle New Baby Boy Bouquet and The Festive Big Hug Baby Girl Bouquet are both best sellers from our website.

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