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The gerbera flower is a beautiful flower with a great variety in color range. A bouquet of gerberas symbolizes grace, tenderness and strength of spirit. Usually, the people who enjoy gerbera flower arrangements are creative people with many talents. In this line of thinking, if you want to surprise such a person, this flower would be the best choice for their birthday flower bouquet! Visit this collection and find the perfect one for you or someone else!

What is The Meaning of Gerberas Flowers ?

According to an old legend, gerberas first appeared after a young nymph turned into a charming but unpretentious wild flower to avoid being captured. Unfortunately, her wish didn’t exactly come true due to the sweet appearance it has and most often people use gerbera as a beautifier. Expressing sincere joy and playfulness, this flower contains the very essence of spring carefreeness and the mood of eternal youth. Also the gerbera became an April patron flower for almost any country in the world.
The main message of the gerbera is innocence and modesty. A bouquet of gerberas is most often given as a gift when they want to confess unquenchable love and they speak best in the silent language of love. Another message of the flower is purity, so bouquets of gerberas are great gifts for those to whom you feel respect, appreciation, gratitude and admiration.

Certainly, these flowers are a wonderful combination of simplicity and modesty with exceptional beauty and elegance. The gerbera inflorescence is often compared to a sun disk surrounded by rays. This resemblance gives the flower a life-affirming, creative symbol. Maybe that's why gerbera can be called the most positive flower. Thanks to its sun-shaped and bright color, the gerbera has become a symbol of joy, happiness and playfulness. And this connotation of the flower is widely known for centuries. 

Congratulate Them Sending A Bouquet of Gerberas 

The flower is named after the German scientist Dr. Gerber. The meaning of gerbera is "approval". This flower was originally found and brought from South Africa. Thanks to the wide palette of colors and shapes, as well as increasing the resistance of modern varieties to cutting, gerbera has reached the peak of its popularity. An interesting fact, in 1999, 626 million units were sold through Dutch auctions alone. This is evidence of the vital importance this flower has. Nowadays, people send a bouquet of gerberas to emphasize their support to family, friends and even to co-workers and neighbors. 

Florists from all over the world put gerbera in their flower arrangement when it is a gift to send your congratulations. Especially the ones with yellow and red blooms. Simply because they are vibrant colors with a strong sense of empathy and happiness. To illustrate this idea better, TodayFlowerDelivery advises you to check The Congrats Bouquet on our website. Spreading positive vibes, such a bright bouquet would make your recipient feel appreciated. Surprise your daughter for graduating, your son for promotion in their job or your siblings winning a prize. Surely, there are many celebrations to enjoy but showing your gladness of one’s success is necessary. Now you can easily do that by ordering a magnificent gerbera bouquet and it will be delivered directly to them. 

Top 5 of TodayFlowerDelivery’s Flower Arrangements With Gerberas

A symbol of joy and light, warmth and simplicity of beauty, gerbera is a great way to make a bright, lovely arrangement that will surprise everyone with its freshness and beauty. So you can surprise your family and friends with gerbera arrangements for any type of occasion. If you wonder what type of flower arrangement with gerberas to give on a particular occasion, then you should definitely red the list below:

  1. Varieties of gerberas are divided into large (standard) and small (mini). Today there is an increased demand for mini-gerberas. They are tiny and elegant which makes the perfect bouquet for a significant other (perhaps for a Valentine’s day or an anniversary). - Take a look at our The Color Your Day With Happiness Bouquet as an example;
  2. The color range of gerberas now includes all kinds of tones, shades and transitions of the warm range. The centers of the inflorescence can be black, brown, green, yellow. And if you are looking for a colorful and unique bouquet, you should definitely check out the Blushing Beauty Bouquet. It captures all eyes in the room with its dazzling blooms;
  3. The best modern varieties stay in the water for 14-15 days. The gerbera is known to be one of the most long-lasting flowers, indeed it is a great pick for a floral gift. TodayFlowerDelivery recommend the following products as a bestsellers from our “Gerbera collection”: Raspberry Rush Bouquet (with a pink accent) and The Natural Elegance Bouquet (mixed with fine roses);
  4. Gerbera has many meanings such as secret, smile and flirtation. Surely, it makes the best “just because” gift - when you just want to make someone happy. It also can be a message of a love interest. Either ways, the Blushing Invitations Bouquet will suit both occasions. 
  5. Gerbera is associated with the zodiac sign Leo. Even though this flower is associated with April, due to its nature as bright bloom with a sense of bravery, many florists link the gerbera with this zodiac sign. Wish somebody whose sign is Leo a Happy birthday with the Bountiful Beauty Bouquet!
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