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Filled with positive energy, the chrysanthemum flower is the national flower of Japan. Also, this flower is a symbol of friendship and warm feelings all around the world. If you are buying a mum flower bouquet, keep in mind that this rather unpretentious flower is suitable for any occasion! It can be for a birthday or “just because” and the recipient will still be moved by the choice of floral arrangement you have made!

When Can I Give Chrysanthemum Flower Arrangement ?

Chrysanthemums bloom with the onset of the first cold days and remain in the garden or in your house until the first snow falls. Also, they are one of the most popular and preferred floral representatives both as a potted flower or in a bouquet. Moreover, the genus Chrysanthemum is rich in many species. But do you know what effect this flower can have on you? In order to help our clients picking the most appropriate flower for a particular event, we have created a short list of positive impacts that chrysanthemums have on people:
  • Chrysanthemums are very useful for air purification - they absorb ammonia and formaldehyde. Surely, it will make the best gift for someone who likes everything to be neat and tidy - Isn’t that typical for your mother and grandmother, for instance?;
  • They help for good concentration of thought in people engaged in exact sciences. So, why not don’t you send a lovely chrysanthemum flower arrangement to someone’s office or to a college student preparing for a difficult exam? Certainly, such a simple gesture can help them!;
  • These flowers have a calming and sobering effect in moments of euphoria. Chrysanthemums also cool anger down and protect from excessive vanity. In this case, you can simply order a bright bouquet for someone who is far away - just because, without any special occasion. Trust us, receiving such a surprise on a regular day can definitely light up someone’s mood.

Send A Bouquet of Chrysanthemums For The Ones Born in November 

Chrysanthemums are the official birth flowers of November, since the flower blooms during the fall. In this line of thinking, the best present for someone who is born around this time of the year would be a gorgeous arrangement of chrysanthemums. Why? Simply because seasonal flowers are always the best pick. Indeed, they are the most suitable way to represent the season and perhaps the person who will receive them as well.
What is more, an Eastern belief states that anyone who wants to happily live their life, should grow chrysanthemums. Because of that, those beautiful garden flowers have existed for about three thousands years without losing their popularity. Even nowadays, handing someone a magnificent bouquet with chrysanthemums will only bring joy into their life. Undoubtedly, such a present will mean the world to your friends, relatives or even colleagues. With TodayFlowerDelivery, there is no need to hesitate, just order a beautiful flower arrangement from our perfectly designed collection of chrysanthemums. Every bouquet is hand-made with the freshest blooms in order to keep the blooms fresh and good looking as long as possible.
To conclude, if someone whom you really cherish has a birthday in the last quarter of the year, it would be great to send them a stunning bouquet with this seasonal flower - the heart warming mums

What is The Chrysanthemum Flower Meaning ?

For many centuries now, the chrysanthemums have been used for medicinal properties. It is believed that drinking chrysanthemum flower tea and taking chrysanthemum vitamins or supplements can improve your health. The benefits included from consuming this pretty flower are: treating diabetes, treating chest pain, being an anti-inflammatory agent, reducing high blood pressure, reducing fever and alleviating headaches. 
Nowadays, you can send a chrysanthemum bouquet as a “get well soon” gift to your friend or family member. Moreover, if you are aiming for this massage, make sure to pick a bouquet with purple chrysanthemums - their literal meaning is to wish somebody to be healthy! Why don’t you check out The Simple Charm Bouquet which is delicately arranged of purple mums, peach spray roses and lavender mini carnations?
In addition to medicine, the chrysanthemum is also used as an essential ingredient in the Chinese national cuisine. Especially in art, these flowers have been holding a deep cultural significance, since they were first cultivated in China.
Chrysanthemums generally symbolize longevity, fidelity, joy and optimism. Various colors of their blooms have a different connotation as well:
  • Red chrysanthemums symbolize love and deep passion;
  • Pink chrysanthemums reveal adoration and friendship;
  • Yellow chrysanthemums mean neglected love or sorrow;
  • White chrysanthemums express loyalty and honesty;
  • Violet chrysanthemums are used as a wish for health and good fortune.
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