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Send Flowers For a Funeral - Express Your Deepest Condolences

Undoubtedly one of the most difficult moments in human life is the loss of a loved one. Unfortunately, it often occurs spontaneously and unexpectedly, leaving family and friends lugubrious. Although this is an integral part of living, we must try in every possible way to cope with the grief and overcome it. Most often, in such harsh times, we rely on our close ones’ support to move forward. As the saying goes - shared grief is half grief.


It is for these gloomy days, in which pain leaves us speechless, that nature has given us flowers. They are the outward expression of our innermost feelings and emotions. Being able to speak for us, they are an ointment for the soul, helping us to cope with suffering. However, there is probably no better moment to express your support for the grieving loved ones. Sending funeral flowers to their home is definitely not only a touching gesture which shows that you keep thinking about the deceased. Also, it is a proper way to send your deepest condolences for their family.

Flowers For a Funeral Home

Nowadays, it is common tradition to send wreaths of flowers for funeral service. This act is usually interpreted as paying homage to the deceased. However, in cases when we are unable to bring flowers in person, it is compulsory to send them to the funeral home.

TodayFlowerDelivery provides a large range of funeral flower arrangements. For instance, in our Funeral Collection you may find different shaped arrangements - from funeral flower bouquets in stylish vases to elegant funeral flower baskets; funeral caskets sprays and wreaths - all carefully designed with the freshest flowers and delivered on time for the funeral service by a local florist. Some of our best selling products are listed below.

  • God's Gift Bouquet - This great flower bouquet is extremely suitable for the funeral home. The magnificent combination of pale pink Asiatic lilies and cream roses comes into a purple glass vase with a handcrafted cross.
  • The Peaceful Passage Arrangement - A great representative of the funeral flower baskets, this arrangement is one of our most preferred items due to its clear, yet sophisticated look. The classic and always-appropriate white flowers are delicately arranged into a wooden basket. 
  • The Treasured Tribute Wreath - This funeral wreath offers peaceful wishes of heartfelt sympathy with each delicate bloom. The set of white carnations, white Asiatic Lilies and white roses is displayed on a wire easel.

Choose Flower For Funeral Depending on The Deceased

Aside from different shapes and colors, TodayFlowerDelivery offers also a selection of funeral flower arrangements depending on the deceased. 


Funeral Flowers For a Child 

Undoubtedly, the greatest shock is the loss of a child - an innocent soul, taken too early to continue on the path of eternity. In such a painful moment, it is extremely difficult to find words to express our condolences. That is why it is important to choose the right flowers to do it for you:

Funeral Flowers For Men

Whether it comes to the death of a father, brother, husband, grandfather or just a friend, the selection of flowers at these tough moments is extremely delicate. Everyone needs to say goodbye to the important men into their lives properly - paying them respect and expressing their gratitude. Do it ordering any of these funeral flower arrangements for men:

Funeral Flowers For Women

Honor the dear women in your life! Send your last ‘Thank you’ to your mother, sister or wife expressing your sincere gratitude and homage for all of her love and dedication.

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