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If you are looking for flowers for a funeral casket, you have just found what you were searching for. TodayFlowerDelivery offers a variety of funeral flower arrangements in various colors and shapes which can be delivered nationwide. Note, that we deliver flowers any day from Monday to Sunday in order to make sure that your blooms will arrive on time for the service.

Which Are The 3 Most Popular Funeral Casket Flowers ?

Although in practice all types of flowers can be used in funeral arrangements for a casket, there is one trio that stands out among the other representatives of the floral world.

  1. Roses

    You may not be surprised, but the rose is not only the most popular flower, but is also the most preferred gift choice among children and adults around the world. Although this is not a gift, we must admit that the rose is a favorite choice of florists when arranging different floral bouquets for all occasions. Expressing affection, love and deep feelings of love and loyalty, the rose is an indispensable participant in almost any flower arrangement for a coffin.

  2. Carnations

    You may already be surprised here. Although carnation fans are far fewer than rose supporters, carnations are not inferior to their prickly relatives. However, the carnation symbolizes love and purity and is a symbol of femininity, motherly love and sacrifice. In different colors, carnations present in hundreds of flower arrangements on our site and in almost all funeral wreaths, sprays and baskets.

  3. Lilies

    While the Egyptians considered lilies a symbol of love, the Romans - a symbol of hope, nowadays lilies are one of the most preferred flowers for weddings and funerals. Lily is the embodiment of purity and humility and these qualities guarantee its participation in a number of our funeral flower arrangements.

Buy Cheap Funeral Flowers For The Casket

Traditionally, funeral flower arrangements for the casket differ from the other funeral arrangements, such as wreaths and sprays, in two ways:

  1. Clearer design:

    While the composition of sprays, wreaths, and even baskets includes a larger number of colors and shades, the arrangements for coffins are created from a maximum of two to three colors;

  2. Fewer types of flowers:

    Unlike urn arrangements, for example, coffin arrangements contain no more than two types of flowers to create a feeling of purity and humility;

Despite the differences that stand out between the different funeral bouquets, however, TodayFlowerDelivery’s products retain their excellent value for money. At a reasonable price you can order a funeral arrangement to say goodbye to your loved one. And while wreaths and sprays are present in the church or at the cemetery, but are sent by people not so close to the deceased, the arrangement for the coffin is central to the whole ceremony and is always chosen by the family and relatives. And this, as you can guess, is not accidental. Symbolically, it is the dearest to the deceased who remain closest to him on the path to eternity.

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