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Well, not every day is Feb 14, but you should be prepared when it arrives. Furthermore, TodayFlowerDelivery is always ready to help you choose an outstanding Valentine’s day flower arrangement for your significant other! And even if you are sure what flowers to get her or him, a rose flower bouquet is always a great choice. Don’t wait for the last moment and get romantic flowers from our collection right away!

TodayFlowerDelivery Offers Flower Delivery For Valentine’s Day

As we have repeatedly mentioned - TodayFlowerDelivery offers fresh flower delivery  for every occasion. Whether it's a birthday or an anniversary, we're here for you. Traditionally, in addition to individual holidays such as those mentioned above, people are accustomed to giving flowers on certain days of the year, such as Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. Although they are very diverse in nature, they have something in common - in both cases it is right to send flowers to a woman you adore.


Of course, the usual gesture of giving flowers in person will never go out of style. But fortunately, advances in technology allow us to become more and more innovative. As for deliveries, for example, nowadays it is far more relevant to send flowers surprising a loved one than to present the blooms in person. However, if you are more of a traditionalist, you can order a bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day at your home or office and give them in person to your beloved woman at a romantic dinner.


On the other hand, If you want to trust us and experiment, you will surely be satisfied. Every woman loves to feel pampered and adored. Also send a dozen roses, for example, to her office in the middle of the day. She will definitely not expect it, and with such a gesture you will arouse the envy of all her colleagues. 

Is It Necessary To Send Valentine’s Day Flowers?

If you ask this question to any lady, she will surely answer you unwaveringly - yes! And this is quite natural. The custom of giving flowers is as old as the world, and such a trend will never be out of date. However, if you are wondering why it is so important to send flowers for Valentine's Day and what are the roots of this holiday, you will find the answer in the following lines.


Valentine became the patron saint of lovers or "saint of love" because he blessed the marriage between the Roman legionary Saviny and the young Christian Serapia. Then there was a ban on the part of Emperor Claudius II to marry young soldiers, because it is considered that an unmarried man is a better soldier. According to legend, Valentine's Day held secret weddings between lovers whose parents did not agree with their love.


In Anglo-Saxon countries, there is a legend that Valentine was imprisoned and sentenced to death for his Christian faith. There he falls in love with the daughter of the prison warden and sends a love letter on the day of his death, signed - "your Valentine". From there come the cards for Valentine's Day.

Another legend says that Valentine always gave the young people who visited him a flower from his garden. So much love was born between two of these young men that, following their example, hundreds of couples came from near and far to receive the saint's blessing.

It is this legend that became the beginning of the tradition of giving flowers for Valentine's Day. So do not hesitate anymore, and order a magnificent flower arrangement of your favorite for the holiday.

We Provide Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery To Any Location 

As already mentioned in the previous paragraphs, TodayFlowerDelivery offers delivery of flowers for all occasions. With us you can find a variety of arrangements in different colors and shapes. Another serious positive to order flowers from TodayFlowerDelivery is that they can be delivered on any day of the week or month, including holidays. We make deliveries even for the same day to reduce the chance of missing an important occasion for you or your loved ones. What does this mean ?


This means that if you need a next day flower delivery, we will make sure that your flowers are prepared hours before delivery so that they stay fresh for as long as possible. If you want your flowers to be delivered the same day, place an order with us, which we will process within minutes and a few hours later, your recipient will hold a bouquet of designer arranged blossoming flowers in their hands. Definitely worth it!


And this is not the end of it all. If you live on the East coast and want to send flowers for Valentine's Day to your loved one, who is on the West coast, this is not a problem. The distance is huge, but together we can overcome it. TodayFlowerDelivery delivers flowers every day, to every corner of the country. Different cities and various states are not a cause for concern. So, no matter how many miles separate you from your loved ones, you can always be by their side, sending them a bouquet of fresh flowers from us.

Check Out Our 5 Most Popular Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangements

  1. The Expressions of Love Bouquet is a stunning mixture of beautifully arranged fresh stems. Red roses stand out among a blanket of pink mini carnations and white lilies, all delicately put into a red glass vase. Being at a reasonable price, this gorgeous bouquet is also a part of our Red Flower Bouquets Collection and is a best seller for Valentine’s Day. Please note that this product is available for delivery during the rest of the year, too;
  2. Love-Struck Rose Bouquet amazes everyone with its elegant and sophisticated look. The combination of red roses and hot pink spray roses makes this flower arrangement so popular during the first days of February. Furthermore, add a box of chocolates in order to customize your gift and bring a pinch of sweetness into your loved one’s life. Order it now and your recipient will have their flowers delivered in a clear glass vase with a hot pink ribbon on it;
  3. Love Wonder Bouquet presents the classic and so wanted combination between roses and tulips. Most appropriate for the ones who are looking for something not so traditional and more extraordinary, this flower bouquet amazes its sender with its low price, too. Order it a couple of days prior to Feb 14 in order to make sure that your flowers will be delivered on time;

The Beginning Of February is The Perfect Time To Send Flowers For Valentine’s Day

Every year, millions of Americans send flowers online to their halves on February 14. As already mentioned, this is undoubtedly a wonderful gesture, an expression of love and gratitude, a symbol of deep feelings. Unfortunately, experience from recent years has taught us that a large percentage of our customers are waiting for the last minute to prepare for this surprise. Don't make this mistake, because when ordering flowers at the last minute, you risk them not arriving on time for the holiday to your loved one.


The reasons for such a misunderstanding are many - days before Valentine's Day, florists are short of flowers and especially roses. In addition, due to the hundreds of orders, both local flower shops and online sellers are overloaded and sometimes their capacity is not enough to process and deliver all orders on time.

So, don't risk your loved one running out of flowers, she doesn't deserve it. Unfortunately, statistically, over 30% of ladies are left without flowers precisely because of last-minute orders. So prepare your surprise on time and order flowers days before the holiday to make sure everything will be fine. The beginning of February is a great time to do so. It only takes a few minutes to find the most suitable arrangement of flowers for Valentine's Day, which suits both the taste of your chosen one and your budget. Once you have placed an order, you can leave the rest to us - we will be happy to take care of your loved ones!

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