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TodayFlowerDelivery offers a large range of happy birthday flowers for a friend. Pick the most suitable birthday flower arrangement for you and send it to your beloved ones wherever they are. We deliver fresh flowers nationwide to any location in the United States.

Send Flowers For a Friend’s Birthday

With no doubt, there is at least one person who has been with you through hardships and joyful moments. Friends are the people who are like a second family and their birthday feels just as special as yours. With those things being said, we would like to help you make a great surprise for them. First of all, think of ideas on how to make their celebration even more festive. Furthermore, decide the way you are going to give them the present. If you purchase from our website, there are actually a couple of options to get the flowers delivered to your friend. Additionally, here are they:


  • Send the birthday bouquet directly to their door. If you are sure that they will be at home on this day, then this is a good opportunity to surprise them using our flower delivery service to their address.
  • Unfortunately, there are times when people need to go to work even though it is the day of their birthday. If that is the case with your friend, we suggest getting them a floral arrangement to brighten their mood. Just write the address of their workplace and we will make sure to deliver on behalf of you!
  • If somehow happens that you are too busy and forget to get them flowers in advance, we have a solution for you. TodayFlowerDelivery provides same-day delivery, so you can still surprise them with some lovely blooms. Certainly, you will be able to order and get the flower delivered, even if it is at the last moment.

Something More Special - Gorgeous Flowers For Best Friend's Birthday

Everyone knows that red roses symbolize affection and romance. However, more interestingly is what flower does stand for a strong friendship? Actually, there are more than one flower that represents this warmth feeling of security and love of your best friend. Indeed, it is important to have at least one of those blooms in the birthday bouquet you are going to send! So, here is the list of suggestions that TodayFlowerDelivery have prepared for you:


  • Yellow roses hold a meaning of true friendship and happiness. They are a suitable gift. You can also present them as a sign of renewed old relationships. A bouquet with a combination of yellow and orange roses is extremely beautiful and has the same message.
  • The bright bouquet of sunflowers is extremely durable and symbolizes long-term friendship. Those who have more artistic nature, they would definitely enjoy a sunflower bouquet!
  • Chrysanthemums - These flowers are given as a gift when you want to express support. If your friends are going through difficult times, this is the way to give them the confidence that you are with them for better or for worse - just with a pretty chrysanthemums arrangement.
  • Iris - This delicate spring flower is suitable for new friendships. If you do not know the person very well, but you are on a friendly basis and do not want to scare them with strong messages, then bet on a bouquet of irises.


If you are still clueless, just pick the one that catches your attention the most. And don't forget that the most important thing remains - to present the flowers with a sincere smile and a hug. Definitely, your true friends will be happy after receiving a stunning floral gift!

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