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The color of flowers is always important, especially when you aim to express your deepest condolences and send a loved one on their way to eternity. And while white funeral flowers are an absolute classic in the genre, TodayFlowerDelivery brings to your attention a few more options to choose from, including purple funeral flowers as well as floral arrangements in more than one shade. Pay your last respects appropriately by sending a funeral wreath with flowers or a basket to the funeral home or church.

Which is a Suitable Color of Flowers For a Funeral?

To the question of which color is suitable for funeral flowers, it would be difficult to find an unequivocal answer. Any color could be appropriate depending on who is sending the flowers, what their personal relationship is with the deceased, and what emotions they are trying to embody with the flowers they choose. So, for example, white flowers for funerals are a classic choice that many trust in such moments. The reason is clear - the white color is a symbol of the purity of the soul, innocence and integrity. The color white emphasizes both timelessness and eternity and, like the color blue, has a calming effect on the nervous system. Blue funeral flowers, on the other hand, as well as green, are best if your deceased loved one is male. Green and blue are more masculine colors, unlike yellow and red, for example, which leave no doubt that they are more suitable for ladies. While red is often chosen, especially when it comes to funeral flower sprays, it is mostly used by groups of people paying their respects and condolences, such as loved ones, neighbors, distant relatives and colleagues.

On the contrary, the pink color in moments of mourning and farewell is strictly reserved for the closest circle of people to the deceased, family members and relatives, as the pink is known as a symbol of appreciation and tenderness. Being a classic women's color, its presence is often preferred in funeral flower wreaths, as well as for the funerals of little girls.

Anyway, all colors of flowers are used in saying goodbye to loved ones, in times of mourning and sorrow and yet, it's important to pay attention to the details so that your gesture is as appropriate as possible for the occasion.

Finally, TodayFlowerDelivery offers delivery of flowers for funerals throughout the country. Choose the most suitable condolence flower arrangement and place your order with a few clicks of the mouse, completely online, and we will arrange for them to be delivered on the day of your choice to your chosen location by a local florist. 

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