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The Festive Big Hug Bouquet
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The Festive Big Hug Bouquet

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I am Looking For Pink Baby Shower Flowers 

Let’s say your sister or friend has given birth to a sweet little baby. You should congratulate them, right? Unfortunately, it might be a pretty difficult task, but still, there is hope. Don’t search any further for the perfect present. Simply because TodayFlowerDelivery offers a wide selection of the finest new baby bouquets. And all of them are created by a professional florist. Also, not to forget to mention that our speciality are the pink flower arrangements - for welcoming a little baby girl! To prove it to you, we would like to present you The Festive Big Hug Bouquet - an enormously beautiful bouquet in pink shades. Moreover, it has a little light pink teddy bear as a final touch. Indeed, the meaning behind each flower and little detail is kind and full of love:


  • Pink lilies - a true symbol of admiration and femininity;
  • Pale pink roses - the meaning of pink roses is motherly love and adoration;
  • Light yellow carnations - they represent the warmth feeling of a one happy family;
  • White lilies - they symbolize purity and innocence.


With no doubt, your recipient will be delighted to receive such a piece of art as a present. Let them know they can rely on you! 

Why Should I Send Flowers For A Newborn Baby ?

There are people who still wonder if it’s the right thing to send flowers as gifts to the happy family. And the answer is that giving a bouquet when celebrating any type of occasion is necessary.  This is not something new or just a trend. For many centuries now, people have been using flowers for every ritual and special event. In this line of thinking, welcoming a new human being to the world is an important part of every parent’s life. Actually not only the parents, their friends and relatives are in euphoria as well. That’s why people prefer sending flowers. They find it an efficient way to express their feelings, because sometimes words are not enough. Furthermore, it is a pleasant and natural way to talk without words, as well.


To simplify it, the reason for buying new baby floral arrangements is to convey your feelings when vocabulary can’t. And even if you know how to tell them you wish them the best, a pretty bouquet will portray those words very accurately. Also, flowers hold the bond between human beings and nature itself. Send a gorgeous newborn baby bouquet to the licky parents! Trust us, many already did.

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