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The Big Hug Bouquet
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The Big Hug Bouquet

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The Big Hug Bouquet is an Excellent Congratulations Gift For Any Occasion

Do you have an upcoming particular event? Or perhaps a special someone of yours will hold a celebration? Either way, you should think of a gift that suits the holiday or the recipient. TodayFlowerDelivery has a huge collection of flowers for any type of occasion. Not only that, but we also provide floral arrangements even for everyday. Because sending a magnificent bouquet to a loved one doesn’t specifically need a reason!


However, It might be difficult to find a bouquet for the occasion you want. Due to this, we present you a product of ours that fits any celebration! This product is The Big Hug Bouquet. This arrangement has a unique design which makes it a great pick for many events. Also, the blooms contained in it are significant for their beautiful meaning. And here are them:


  • Lavender (purple) lilies - this flower mean success and admiration;
  • Pink carnations - the symbolism behind this flower is love and adoration. 


The combination of these two flowers is unexpectedly charming. And the final touch for this bouquet is the teddy bear hugging its vase. Indeed, a one of a kind gift!

Send it as a Flower Gift For New Baby 

A great way to surprise the newly parents is sending them a gorgeous new baby flower arrangement. This gesture shows that you care and you are there to support them. Not only that, but also flowers are a tiny part of nature that you can take into your house. Especially in our busy everyday life, when we need a pinch of nature indoors. It is proven that plants and flowers calm people. And this might be very helpful when the parents are going to face many sleepless nights. 


Don't think of new baby bouquets only as a lovely gift. Actually, they directly affect the recipient's mood in a positive way. Furthermore, lilies and carnations are well known symbols of warmth, feelings and love. 

In this line of thinking, sending a new baby bouquet would be a wonderful surprise! Also you can send the flowers directly to the hospital where the happy mother and the little baby are. Just make sure to check the following things: which is the correct hospital room and if the recipient has an allergy. We deliver flowers all over the United States, so you don’t need to worry if the delivery address is located in another remote area.

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