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The Fresh Focus Bouquet
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The Fresh Focus Bouquet

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A little fragrant jewel to decorate your recipient’s home or office, this fresh flower arrangement is a gift they will definitely admire. A breathtaking conception of white Asiatic Lilies, purple gilly flowers and lavender roses is about to make your dear one stay focused on your kind gesture. The combination with hot pink carnations, green and purple poms, all beautifully arranged in a rectangular woodchip basket, gives the bouquet a more casual and natural look.  
Whether you have a special occasion or just look for a way to spice up the life of your loved one with a pinch of joy, The Fresh Focus Bouquet is definitely an excellent choice. Decorate your living room or bring some spring hues into your office with this fresh flower basket. Traditionally ordered most often as a spring gift, it is suitable for many other special occasions.  

The Fresh Focus Bouquet is a fabulous way to:
  • Send birthday congratulations with style;
  • Congratulate your best friend on their promotion;
  • Welcome a newborn baby girl into this world;
  • Say ‘Thank you’ to your parents for all their support;
  • Invite the spring mood into your home.
Apart from being a wonderful choice for a number of occasions, this flower basket isn’t even running out of advantages. For instance, this blooming gift is carefully arranged and delivered to your recipient’s doorstep by a local florist.  

Pink Carnations - Hues and Symbolism
Known since ancient times as the “God's flower”, nowadays the carnation is one of the most common representatives of the floral world. According to a Christian legend, the first carnations appeared during the crucifixion of Jesus. Seeing her son’s plight, Mother Mary started to shed tears and pink carnations sprang up from the places her tears fell. Since then, the pink carnation has established itself as a symbol of endless and unconditional mother’s love.  

However, the diverse hues of pink reveal different meanings. While the light pink carnations uncover deep gratitude and mother’s love, their dark pink relatives express tenderness and devotion. Also, since the last centuries, a huge amount of people have been using the dark pink carnation in order to express their sentiments and blooming love.  

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